Reasons why Foursquare is the hottest Social Network on the web

March 13, 2010

Foursquare, the hottest Social Network on the web turned one yesterday. Hard to believe that its been around for just 365 days and still boasts of half a million users, 1.4 million venues, 15.5 million check-ins and is growing exponentially by the day if not by the hour! (see this excellent Hitwise Intelligence report for stats on Foursquare)

There are three important reasons for the phenomenal growth and popularity of Foursquare as compared to rivals such as Gowalla or Yelp.

  • Technology: Although just one year old, Foursquare has stayed on top of technological aspects and made sure that its app is user friendly and efficient in leveraging location based info from mobile devices. Its latest release, Ver. 1.7 features many enhancements such a new design, faster check-ins besides an easy way to view check-in history.
  • Ease of Use: Foursquare is very intuitive…