Here are 6 of 17 Best Practices

March 1, 2010

A group of marketers got together last week to chat about best practices in email marketing. The discussion was an effective recap for many and certainly a comprehensive guide for those just starting off. We spoke about 17 things a marketer needs to do to keep their consumer engaged. Here are a few key ideas we spoke about.

Number 2 – You have to know more: In addition to email, you need to ask the consumer for additional information that will help you with segmentation and personalization. Include basic preferences, and let the consumer know about all your available channels. Use intrigue, incentive, and tracking to build up your repository.

Number 3 – Message people right away: Start by thanking people for signing up for your campaign, deliver what you promised immediately, and make sure that your first message is written to perfection. If you offer a coupon, remind people about the expiration date. Think about your first email being so good that the consumer keeps it forever.

Number 6 – Enhanced Message: In addition to covering all your basics in your email messaging think about