Social Media Marketers Should Get Ahead of the Curve

February 9, 2010

Recently I was reviewing an interesting article by Ross Mayfield who is an advisor to and co-founder of Socialtext. He is also at @ross on Twitter. My compliments to him and his team. He has this to say:


As Chief Marketing Officers develop their social media marketing strategy for 2010, they are demanding business results. In 2009, 89% of CMOs tracked social media’s impact by using standard metrics such as site traffic, pageviews, and number of fans (as discussed in a recent survey).  However, CMOs expect that in 2010 top metrics will track more closely to P&L business goals––not just Web-related goals. The study forecasts the growth of adoption of the top three metrics in 2010, as follows:

  • A 333% increase in tracking revenue
  • A 174% increase in tracking conversion
  • A 150% increase in tracking average order value

Such a shift in measurement expectation is significant. CMOs indicate a 300% year-over-year increase in 2010