Guest post: What is Data Mining – Explaining it to the Layman

January 30, 2010

It is my pleasure to welcome Barbara Williams on Data Mining Research for a guest post about data mining. Barbara writes on the topic of Computer Technician Schools. You can email her at: I hope you will enjoy her post.

As a layman who is not familiar with technological terms and their meanings, if you come across the term “data mining”, it’s not surprising if you wonder where from and why data has to be mined. To explain it as simply as possible, data mining is the process of finding logical patterns in data and according order and meaning to various sets of seemingly random data. If you’re still in the dark and cannot understand this explanation, then perhaps you need to sign on with Google for its free email, because for those of you who have ever used any of Google’s free services, it’s easy to understand what data mining is all about.

When you open your Gmail account, there is a column to your right where a series of advertisements are displayed. They change every time you log in to your mailbox and every time you open a new email. And if you look closely at these sponsored links, you’ll find that they are based on the contents of your