Top Tech Disruptors of the 2000’s

January 4, 2010

200912311408.jpg Every decade seems to carry a set of defining themes in tech. For the 1990’s it was the move to client / server, the emergence of the transaction web and the frenzy to “solve” the Y2K threat (and perhaps the rise of the Internet bubble). The 2000’s started with a fizzle as the world realized that the Y2K “threat” was a non-event and continued with a loud pop as the Internet “bubble” burst. Beyond that somewhat inauspicious beginnings though, we had an active and productive decade in tech with many disruptors and advances that set up the next decade as one that will see dramatic change in tech.

So what are the key developments and disruptions from the last decade? Here are, IMHO, the most important developments of the last decade:

1. Mobile: The 2000’s will be known as the decade that put the Internet in our pockets. Apple, with its introduction of the iPhone and the apps store…