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Google is serious about the cloud, touting big customers and challenging industry giants

March 9, 2017 by CIO Dive

Google is making headway in the enterprise cloud market, touting big-name customers like Disney Interactive, Verizon, SAP, Colgate, Home Depot, HSBC and eBay in speeches this week during Google Cloud Next ’17.[read more]

Data for Everyone? Self-service Data Integration

March 9, 2017 by Julie Hunt

                                                   The notion of self-service data integration has been around for a while, somewhat hand-in-hand with self-service BI – both primarily coming from the...[read more]

Here’s Why Natural Language Processing is the Future of BI

March 9, 2017 by Eran Levy

Every time you ask Siri for directions, a complex chain of cutting edge code is activated. It allows ‘her’ to understand your question, find the information you’re looking for, and respond to you in a language that you understand. This has only become possible in the last few years. Until now, we have been interacting with computers in a...[read more]

Smart Grid: Overcoming Data Exchange to Increase Efficiency

March 8, 2017 by Scott Allen

Recent research estimates that the Smart Grid will be a $120 Billion industry by 2020. As Industrial IoT (IIoT) drives digital transformation for utilities, there are a fair share of challenges and opportunities facing the Smart Grid industry today.To keep up with rapid growth and new technology that is shaping the utility...[read more]


How to Integrate Finance and Operations by Leveraging Cloud Storage

March 7, 2017 by Sean Mallon

Finance executives almost never get to see the full picture of the performance of the company as they are only presented with certain types of data that relate to their work. Since their tasks mainly involve things like setting budgets, preparing financial reports and planning, they only get financial data as this is what they use for...[read more]

Are you brave enough to change your Data Habits?

March 7, 2017 by Martin Doyle

Do you often go with gut feeling rather than data and insights? Is your data stored in separate databases, in different formats with different values? We all have bad habits and some are a little hard to kick. However, if there is one you must break, it is sure to make your bad data habits a thing of the past…Breaking bad...[read more]

Telling Your Story: How Data Visualization Can Propel Your Business

March 6, 2017 by Larry Alton

Data visualization is leading the way when it comes to introducing business narrative into your larger corporate strategy.[read more]

Digital Strategy and Products: Changing the Game in a Big Way

March 6, 2017 by James MacLennan

In my previous posts on the Five Core Components of a Great Digital Strategy, I’ve covered how information and technology have made significant changes in how your business works. Michael Porter pointed out that changes have come in three big waves. 30 years ago it was all about accounting systems (ERP) and automating internal processes...[read more]


How big data is affecting social media metrics and Facebook ad strategies

March 4, 2017 by Elianna Hyde

Social media and big data are so interconnected that they have almost become synonymous in some circles. The fact of the matter is that most experts agree that over 90% of all data in the world has been created in the past few years, and a major portion of it has something to do with social media.From this ocean of information, over 80%...[read more]

What Can Anthony Hopkins Teach You About Machine Learning?

March 3, 2017 by Eran Levy

This post is us doing our part to cut through the hype and help business folks of all types (but mostly, the non-techies) understand what AI and machine learning is really all about.[read more]

The Enterprise Graph – From Connections To Customer Insights

March 3, 2017 by Peter Perera

Know more, sell more. That’s the bottom-line when looking to introduce graph databases into the enterprise.[read more]

Is the end of traditional enterprise software near?

March 2, 2017 by CIO Dive

Low-code solutions are growing in popularity, allowing companies to make software work the way they want it to.[read more]

How Digital Experience Monitoring and Customer-Centric IT Makes Everyone Happy

March 2, 2017 by Michael Urbonas

IT teams that adopt an end-user-as-customer service model, and utilize technology ensuring the best user digital experience possible, will make end users very happy, while also establishing IT as a strategic asset to the business.[read more]

How do supply chains use Big Data?

March 1, 2017 by Supply Chain Dive

Big Data may be behind a fair share of disruptions, but supply chain management is not one of them.[read more]

Where the Fog Meets the Edge

March 1, 2017 by Scott Allen

2017 will see the emergence of true fog computing and programmable/intelligent edge devices with the strongest security measures to date.[read more]