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Big Data


4 Disastrous Big Data Mistakes Your Brand is making

August 11, 2016 by Sean Mallon

Sun Tsu once said, “every battle is won before it is ever fought.” He was referring to the importance of information, which is a crucial asset on both the battlefield and the business world. In the 21st century, big data is the commodity that brands rely on to compete.Big data is incredibly valuable, but many brands don’t know how to...[read more]


How to Develop your Strategy Using Data Analytics

August 11, 2016 by Mohammad Farooq

The main reason many companies fail to capitalize on such analytics is the flaw of asking ‘What can they do for your business’ when the questions executives and managers should be asking is ‘How do you use best data analytics and towards what goal?’ This is why it’s important to develop a strategy but, how do you develop your strategy using data analytics?[read more]

The Growing Fear of Excel and Why It's Finally Nearing Extinction

August 10, 2016 by John O'Rourke

For the past 30 years, Excel has been integral to businesses everywhere.It's become the foundation of countless business processes, aiding in computing, financial tasks, IT projects, marketing, and so much more. It's no wonder Excel was such a hit from the start.With its ability to process mathematical equations, store and organize data...[read more]


5 Ways Big Data Is Going to Change Over the Next Decade

August 9, 2016 by Larry Alton

Big data has become a popular topic, particularly in the business community. It’s become a buzzword in its own right, but it also describes an entire category of advancements in the world of data collection and interpretation. Though to many, the idea of “big data” is still fuzzy, countless developers are pouring their efforts and resources into advancing our collective big data capabilities. The future of big data is a bright one, with lots of potential, but how exactly will big data change in the next decade?[read more]

Big Data Projects – When You're Not Getting the ROI You Expect

August 8, 2016 by Paul Barsch

Some failing big data projects get millions more pumped into them with the hope that they’ll break even. At some point good money needs to stop chasing bad projects, but it takes leadership to make the right decision.[read more]

Intermixing Big Data and IoT to Create Smart Cities that Improve Life

August 6, 2016 by Ryan Ayers

With big data analytics, our generation has the ability to process large amounts of information, and use it to suit our personalized needs wherever we go. When big data and information technology are combined in our major cities, efficiency and effectiveness get stronger making the quality of human life better.[read more]


Five Ways Self-Service Data Prep Empowers Excel Users

August 5, 2016 by Jon Pilkington

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used business intelligence and reporting tools. More than just a spreadsheet, Excel allows users to collect and integrate data for critical analysis and reporting. It’s easy to use, readily available as part of the Microsoft Office solution suite and provides users with the ability to perform...[read more]


How is Big Data Changing the Tourism Industry?

August 4, 2016 by Sean Mallon

Research from the World Travel and Tourism Council shows big data is transforming the global tourism industry. According to the WTTC whitepaper, some of the changes are beneficial to the industry, while others are discouraging some people from traveling.[read more]


Potentially Disruptive Digital Trends: Will There Be Any Big Data without Artificial Intelligence?

August 3, 2016 by Ioana Sima

Did you know that there are 4.4 zettabytes of data on the internet? This enormous amount of data is still being handled by IT workers. By 2020 this amount will increase tenfold and traditional means of handling digital information will no longer suffice. Find out how artificial intelligence will help big data:[read more]

Applying BIM to Design of Sites and Structures

August 3, 2016 by Ron Bisio

The term BIM, which comes from “Building Information Modeling,” can be a little misleading. It’s not just about buildings; BIM is the process that enables the efficient and quality design, construction and operation of a structure such as a building, bridge or highway. The core BIM principles and concepts, which were pioneered for the construction and management of buildings, are being applied in heavy civil construction, utilities, energy and more. Today, BIM is an emerging technology that is transforming the way we build. The use of 3-dimensional models and real-time management of processes and workflows delivers the efficiency that today’s clients demand.[read more]

A Call for Change: 6 Indicators You Need a New Approach to Budgeting

August 2, 2016 by John O'Rourke

Perhaps you've been considering implementing a new approach to budgeting but are concerned it will be too complicated or time-consuming.Maybe you think there is a better approach, but you simply aren't sure what it is. The first step in any budgeting process overhaul is to identify the need for a change. Only then can you begin...[read more]


Are Smart Data Lakes the Answer to Data Warehouses?

August 2, 2016 by Sean Martin

A phenomenal shift has occurred over the past few years in the enterprise data world. The ubiquitous data warehouses – the foundation for business intelligence and data discovery for several decades – are now becoming obsolete due to the emergence of data lakes. While both data warehouses and data lakes have their pros and cons, a new era of ‘smart’ data lakes based on semantic technology is emerging that can reduce the disadvantages of either, creating a clear path for the industry.[read more]


4 Ways Your Digital Business Can Benefit From Big Data

August 1, 2016 by Rehan Sheikh

Big data invokes in people both awe and distrust. Collection of big data has gained a bad reputation in recent times thanks to NSA spying revelations. However, big data is really the backbone of how modern business is conducted. Thanks to technology, companies have access to more data about their customers than ever. Carefully analyzing...[read more]

2 Simple Strategies for Using Big Data to Effectively Raise Capital and Increase Employee Engagement

July 30, 2016 by Faizan Raza

From funding campaigns to customer service, every facet of your business impacts how customers perceive your brand and feel about your products. Perception is reality, especially in business. To create a loyal customer base, your company needs to perceive their needs before they do. And, in order to actually act on those...[read more]

Infographic: The Relationship between Business Professionals and KPIs

July 29, 2016 by Eran Levy

In preparation for launching our BI Virtually Everywhere program, we ran a quick survey (comprised mostly of participants from within our user base) aiming to understand how various business professionals interact with their KPIs, as well as how they would like to consume data in the future. The results are summarized in this infographic...[read more]