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Big Data

Current Trends in Big Data Usage in Large Industries

July 28, 2016 by Melissa Thompson

No matter the industry you work in or where you live, the transmission, collection, and analysis of data is happening all around you every day, and is set to keep radically changing your world in years to come.[read more]


Big Data Drives Booming Demand for Fantasy Sports

July 27, 2016 by Sean Mallon

Fantasy betting is growing faster than anyone could ever have predicted. In 2008, one in six Americans admitted to betting on sports. That number has increased significantly in the years since. According to recent statistics, North Americans are spending over $27 billion a year on fantasy sports wagers.Americans aren’t the only ones...[read more]


Using Big Data to Keep Brick & Mortar Retail Relevant

July 25, 2016 by Andrew Armstrong

 Image Credit: patcharaporn1984 / 123RF Stock PhotoWhether it be the local mom & pop outpost or big box superstores, brick & mortar retailers have been increasingly under strain in the past several years due to major shifts in consumer buying patterns. Internet sales are booming, and even those with a sense of urgency for...[read more]

Minting Billions from Big Data: Remote DBA Experts Explain

July 22, 2016 by Jenny Richards

There is no doubt that the associated benefits of big data capture are satisfying immense. One just needs to figure it out and make it work![read more]


Big Data And Little People: Parenting In The Digital Era

July 21, 2016 by Jana Rooheart

According to the report by Family Online Safety Institute, 42% of parents think the potential benefits and potential harms of using technology are about equal, however, they tend to rate the risks higher, when it comes to online activities and the use of smartphones (as opposed to playing video games offline and using cell phones, which...[read more]

Good Data – An Essential Part of the Marketing Recipe

July 20, 2016 by Gayle Nixon

Trillium recently hosted a webinar during which John Coe, a co-founder at, discussed the changing role that customer data has in today’s marketing environment. The key point was that data is no longer just the output of marketing activity; it increasingly is the fuel that drives that activity. No longer are companies...[read more]

Behavioral targeting – Balancing what is possible with what is right

July 19, 2016 by Mark Cameron

Many new data driven, targeted, marketing techniques are now possible, but recent evidence suggests that some may actually do more harm than good.Developing a simple and effective digital communications strategy isn’t easy. Getting it right requires the leadership of a business having a clear understanding of customers’ needs, the...[read more]

Infographic: 12 Quotes on Data Science from Thought Leaders

July 19, 2016 by Eran Levy

Data Science is everywhere. The explosive growth of the digital world requires professionals with not just strong skills, but also adaptability and a passion for staying on the forefront of technology. Data can be used simultaneously by many people, does not spoil, and new value and uses can be realized only after the numbers have been...[read more]

How hotels are using data to generate new revenue

July 19, 2016 by Mark Ross-Smith

Hotel revenue management and use of analytics for room sales has remained largely unchanged for decades since the early 1980s when hotels started looking at yield and how they could optimize the revenue each room could generate. By the mid-1990’s, Marriott’s successful execution of revenue management strategies were adding between $...[read more]

They Know What You’re Watching (And Why You’re Watching it)

July 18, 2016 by Bill Franks

It wasn’t long ago that the entertainment industry had virtually no information on the end consumers of its products. A studio would create a television show, which would then be transmitted over the airwaves or through a satellite or cable feed. Even the broadcasters had virtually no information on which consumers watched what content....[read more]

Leveraging Analytics to Improve Enterprise Performance Management

July 18, 2016 by John O'Rourke

The key to operating a thriving enterprise is continuously managing performance.Measuring and monitoring business performance relies on a process of defining clear objectives, planning and budgeting, and evaluating progress at established intervals to ensure the company is keeping pace with their outlined objectives.In doing so,...[read more]


Keeping Your Big Data Analysis Clean

July 16, 2016 by Rick Delgado

'Outlier' is a term that comes from statistics and data analytics. defines an outlier as "a value that lies outside (is much smaller or larger than) most of the other values in a set of data," and it gives a sample of values for an example. If you have the values 25, 29, 3, 32, 85, 33, 27, and 28, both 3 and 85 are your outliers...[read more]

Data Quantity, or Data Quality?

July 14, 2016 by Martin Doyle

When we look at ways businesses embark on marketing campaigns, we can see that quantity is regarded as a good thing.Lots of traffic – good. Viral posts are the Holy Grail: they generate thousands of page views every hour. Likes and shares: the more the merrier.And from all of that traffic, and social interest, the business hopes for a...[read more]


Long Live KPIs: Innovation is the New Black

July 12, 2016 by Melissa Thermidor

When you think of creativity and community, the last thing that comes to mind is a Key Performance Indicator - just writing that out made me feel completely dead inside. They've been around since the stone age, yet they remain the same and we continue to bang on about how important and necessary they are every chance we get.[read more]


Greening the Workplace 1.0: Going Paperless

July 11, 2016 by Chris Barry

Several new technologies allow you to transform your office into a less wasteful and more energy efficient space - and it starts with reducing paper usage.[read more]