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Salesforce Fills Out the "Marketing Cloud"

June 7, 2013 by Michael Fauscette

Salesforce's marketing cloud / shutterstock

Why all the interest in marketing automation software all of a sudden? It's what I'd call the CMO opportunity. The leading enterprise trend today is focused on customer experience (CX), and the CMO is emerging as the key executive in most company's CX strategy.[read more]

CTOvision Big Data Reporting for 2012

December 28, 2012 by Bob Gourley

Among the many Big Data themes we reported on in 2012, one seemed to resonate the most with our readers– all of us with a techie bent have realized that we need more discipline in our use of the term Big Data.[read more]

CIO Becomes the New CMO!

February 18, 2012 by Ajay Kelkar

Photo by Bryce David via Flickr

Marketing budgets are now larger than IT budgets & growing faster says Gartner. By 2017, Gartner says that CMO’s will spend more on IT than CIO’s.   Interesting how marketing is getting more & more dependent on technology.And yet the Marketer’s perception of internal IT is not very positive. The same Gartner survey has...[read more]

Marketing Executives Aren’t Ready for the Social Explosion of Data

October 27, 2011 by Mark Smith

"Adding to the pressures facing the CMO today are new challenges in brand promotion and the growing impact of consumer sentiment expressed in several channels, including social media. The research found these to be the top two concerns in marketing and that 65 percent of organizations are not prepared to deal with them. My investigations lead me to agree with these findings."[read more]

Salesforce Presents New Social Enterprise with Chatter, Mobility and Data

September 9, 2011 by Mark Smith’s social enterprise is a big step forward from the strategy it talked about at last year’s Dreamforce, and is now focused helping companies build social profiles of employees and customers that can managed and augmented with information about the individuals from other social networks.[read more]