An update on Verizon’s 4G LTE Roadmap

One thing many consumers and enterprise CTOs agree on is the strong desire for more speed to our mobile devices.  Consumers want it for the tremendous voice, video and data options and the applications those empower. Enterprise IT wants it for the same reason plus the continual desire to derive competitive advantage.  And both want more access to the “cloud” and the many capabilities being delivered from afar.

So for many reasons we all try to track topics like: How fast is 3G and what is 3.5G and when will 4G really be here?.  Thanks to some great reporting by the site we have a few more insights into one very important component of that roadmap, the Verizon plan.

Here is an extract:

Although we weren’t expecting to really see LTE and devices until next year, given how late wireless technology and compatible devices can be despite promises, the timing of this news jives with Verizon’s tests this year where it completed trials in Boston, and moved onto user trials after completing its technical trials. The carrier has certainly come a long way since announcing its LTE plans last year.

2010 Roadmap
Our source tells us that this year, both Atlanta and Athens, GA will go live with Verizon’s LTE network along with Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth and Weatherford, TX. Additionally, a good chunk of east Massachusetts will be covered with LTE bringing the total population coverage up to 115-120 million people this year. Other cities included in the 115-120 million population wasn’t mentioned to us by our source. Not bad for what seems to be a roll-out that’s ahead of schedule. And, there is much more coming next year.

2011 Roadmap
In 2011, all universities and most colleges and cities in Louisiana will go live: Shreveport, LA; Bossier City, LA; Monroe, LA; Alexandria, LA; Natchitoches, LA; Baton Rouge, LA; New Orleans area, LA; Lake Charles, LA; Lafayette, LA. For Mississippi: Oxford, Jackson, Tupelo, Olive Branch, South Haven, Vicksburg, Hattiesburg, Columbus, Starkville, Meridian and Biloxi. In Alabama: Huntsville, Florence/Shoals, Birmingham, Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Dothan/Enterprise, Mobile, Troy and Columbus. This also includes new markets like Morgantown, WV.

2012 Roadmap
In 2012, all major highways and interstates and all cities within an approximate radius of 30 miles from the interstates/highways will receive 4G. And in 2013, the entire 3G network as it exists today will be completely overlaid by Verizon’s 4G or LTE network.

There are many cities not mentioned in the report, which leaves me wondering: When will we get it here in Northern Virginia?  I’ll have to plug in with my source Marcus at Verizon and see if I can extract any info from him.