Tweets Per Day Analysis

This is another awesome tool “Twitter Venn” from Jeff Clerk.  

This is another awesome tool “Twitter Venn” from Jeff Clerk.  

You can enter the brand and competitor names separated by commas and search. After the data is retrieved a Venn diagram is shown which illustrates the rate of tweets containing the search terms in the various combinations.

As per Jeff Clerk, this tool supports investigation into the relationship between how words are used within the messages of all the people using Twitter.

It also helps in visualize the overlap between various sets of topics.

When you click on the bubbles, it will show your related keywords cloud on bottom left hand side. Whereas on bottom right hand side you can see the average tweets per day.

Also on clicking the bubble, you can see the original tweets. Like when I clicked on the Brown color bubbles which represent the common tweets of Wipro and Cognizant, below tweet appeared:

You can analyze that the tweets having topics Cognizant and Infosys are more as compared to other combinations. This will help you analyze the other topics associated with your business lines. It will help you in making your marketing strategy more effective.

Do you have any other similar tool to share? Please tell us about your tool via comments.