Data Erasing Software vs Physical Destruction: Sustainable Way of Data Deletion

Data Deletion

Physical Data destruction techniques are efficient enough to destroy data, but they can never be considered eco-friendly. On the other side, data erasure software techniques via professional tools are the most preferred way to safeguard the integrity and privacy of organizational data rather than data destruction through hard drive shredding or other similar methods.

Wiping data with the help of a professional utility removes the crucial information from the storage media without destroying the same. There are three specific reasons that help you understand why you should opt for a third-party data erasure tool over physical data destruction techniques and these include:

  • Data erasure tools are cost effective
  • Wiping data from hard drive is environment- friendly
  • Logically erasing data is secure method to destroy data

Why Organizations must Prefer Logical Erasing Techniques over Physical Data Destruction?

#1: Cost is the Main Concern

Every business wants to save money on whatever task it performs and same is the case with data erasure. Physical destruction involves a lot of money where the entire process includes data deletion, transport, or courier cost and then the actual fee that the data destruction professionals would charge for their services.

This can prove to be quite costly and moreover the cost is not fixed. Based on the physical data destruction technique you choose, the price for the services will vary. Hence, you have to spend a lot of money right from paying to in-house data deletion experts, the transport and then the data destruction company.

However, the data wiping utility is a cost effective manner to destroy data. All you need to do is employ a good data erasure tool from the certified developer, go through its user manual and then execute the data erasure procedure. Another advantage of selecting this method is the 24 hour IT support and assistance provided by experts to successfully utilize the tool.

#2: Choose Eco-Friendly Way Instead

When it comes to data destruction techniques, it is always recommended to select an environment-friendly strategy instead of harming it. Physical data destruction affects the environment to a larger extent as the hard drive is destroyed using non-environment friendly strategies.

Using third-party data erasure software helps erase data in a sustainable manner where no harm is done to the environment or any of its components. In fact, all the traces of data including every single bit of information are removed from the hard drive and it is then recycled and prepared for further use.

#3: Security is Priority

Well, a good question and a large number of organizations need to understand this in order to safeguard business data and client’s crucial details against unauthorized access. As a matter of fact, when data is destroyed physically through professional services, you need to hand-over the storage media to data destruction experts.

Not only the hard drive has to travel through in-house data destruction IT professionals for deletion of data, but the journey to destruction involves transport as well. It has to go through the transport company’s packaging personnel, the transport driver custody, and then finally, the data destruction team.

On the contrary, if you are erasing data completely using a professional data erasure utility, there is only one person involved in the entire information removal operation, and that is “you”. The information stored within the hard drive is removed logically executing the data erasure procedure via a third-party tool that integrates advanced security standards.

The Way Forward — Sustainable Way to Erase Data Effectively & Securely

Wiping data logically is not just a secure and cost effective way to destroy entire information from the hard drive; in fact, it is an ecological way to erase data. In addition, it saves a lot of time as the entire data wiping task can be done from a single location, instead of moving the hard drive back and forth between various departments and companies.

No single risk exists in erasing data logically by employing third-party utility whereas the security and integrity of business information are at stake when it comes to the physical destruction of data. Therefore, considering all related aspects of wiping data securely, it can be concluded that erasing data logically is most preferred technique over physically destroying the storage media.

Manish Bhickta is a product marketer who worked for Stellar Data Recovery. He was in cybersecurity arena since last 3 years and raises a war against data breach and other online malicious activities.