Is SMS Text Marketing Still Important?

The answer is yes …. Smartphones have not only changed the way people live, but also the way they communicate. It is estimated that there are 4.55 billion people worldwide using mobile phones regularly of which 1.75 billion are smartphone users. This growing trend should continue for the next few years largely because of wireless companies continuing to make smartphones affordable and easier to obtain. For instance, T-Mobile welcomed 2.3 million new smartphone users last quarter after it revamped its entire marketing strategy.

However, consumers aren’t only using their smartphones for talking, listening to music or playing games. They are utilizing the texting and promotion capabilities to quickly and cheaply get their messages to others. Companies using mobile marketing campaigns targeting these consumers should consider using bulk SMS, considering 96 percent of smartphone users use SMS texting. It’s important to understand how and why SMS marketing works.

Jook SMS points out that SMS marketing is changing significantly in the coming months. Here are some developments to be aware of.

SMS Marketing Strategies

Texting is everywhere. It is estimated that 2.27 trillion texts are sent each year, which is about 20 messages per person each day. However, when it comes to brands, many companies still use email marketing to reach their consumers mainly because of its unfamiliarity. Here are a few reasons how SMS is more effective:

  • The open rate of a text promotion is much higher than the open rate of email, the latter of which can sit in an inbox for days until it is read. Flash sales and same-day promotions are better received via text.
  • Companies have the opportunity to reach highly engaged audiences. Consumers typically limit themselves to brands they care about, therefore when opting into an SMS promotion, these brands can market to a targeted audience.
  • SMS is more likely to engage consumers to the point where they will visit a store or location instead of only going online. Once inside a store, the customer is more likely to buy other items. SMS gets clients in a store and opens their eyes to other purchases they might not normally being interested in.

Advantages of SMS Marketing

There are many benefits to implementing a bulk SMS into a company’s mobile marketing plan:

  • Cost: It’s cheaper to send an SMS than other methods of promotions or sales including faxing, emailing and telephoning.
  • Speed: SMS can be used for last-minute communications, therefore easily building brand conversation. Customers are more apt to respond to a text than an email.
  • Meaningful conversations: By executing an SMS campaign, companies can offer their clients the chance to building meaningful conversations by engaging, listening and interacting with one another. An SMS marketing campaign can also allow clients the chance to respond to a short code (five-digit number) or a long code (similar to mobile number). Both allow quick and easy response and feedback.
  • Environmentally friendly: SMS does not rely on printing, paper, waste or fuel for transportation.

Focus on the Message

Just like social media and e-mail marketing, SMS marketing is opt-in. As a company, you can create service notifications and promotional messages for your customers. This type of campaign also includes customization capabilities and allows the transmission of time-sensitive information. As opposed to e-mail and social media marketing, the delivery of your message is always ensured because of the reliability of mobile technology.

Finally, SMS marketing enables companies to effectively target new and existing consumers and allows the increase in sales of existing products and the introduction of new ones. Mobile marketing is truly one of the effective and personal methods of direct marketing.