Proliferation of Machine Learning Video Chat Communications in Relationships

Why machine learning video chat has made its way into relationships, and what that means.

machine learning and video chat technology
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Machine learning is becoming more important in our daily lives. But most of us probably never envisioned a day when it would be important in online dating or the beginning of new relationships. A growing number of video chat services are utilizing machine learning features in interesting ways.

MarTech Series published an article last year on the growing relevance of machine learning in video conferencing. The same principles can be just as applicable to video chats with online dating services.

MarTech author Sudipto Ghosh describes some of the most important benefits of machine learning in video discussions. Ghosh states that contextual interaction and computer vision are two of the most important benefits.

However, the benefits of machine learning in online dating extend even further. They should be understood in this context as well. Marco Santos gave a brief overview of this in his blog post on Towards Data Science. He points out that Natural Language Processing (NLP) gets data from dating profiles and uses it to provide better matches. It also looks at interactions between users to see how people’s preferences are really shaped by various variables, rather than presumptions that programmers make.

Along with the benefits of video chat services, dating platforms will use these benefits to better match customers with mates.

Machine Learning is Going to Play an Integral Role in Video Chat Services for Relationships

We are used to seeing random chat roulettes as either online entertainment or a place where you can find a friend and build a relationship. However, there is another side to such virtual communication: it can benefit your real-life offline, and help establish existing relationships. This is where machine learning can be even more helpful than traditional chat services like Omegle.

Few people think about what communication with random interlocutors can give, and what skills can be learned from it. Below we provide a shortlist of offline issues that online video chat can help solve.

Fear of New Acquaintances

Any relationship begins with this, right? It is the fear of the first step that often becomes a barrier that prevents us from gaining personal happiness. Well, communication in chat roulette with strangers literally breaks this fear, throwing into new acquaintances.

The thing is in the very essence of random video chat: you just click on one button, and the system does everything for you. Interlocutors from around the world are ready to meet, chat, share their thoughts and dreams. It is difficult to remain indifferent. And there is no time to worry in front of a new acquaintance. Because even if you are shy – there will always be a friendly stranger who can break the ice. Have a little patience, and after several such acquaintances, the next ones will be much easier and more comfortable. 

This is one area where machine learning can be most helpful. You can feel more assured that you are matched with an appropriate date if machine learning has vetted them carefully.

Problems with Communication and Flirting

Perhaps you have no problems with the first step, but you do not consider yourself a communication master, do you? In this case, machine learning algorithms with chat roulette services will work in your favor. Given the incredible number of people you can meet and socialize in an evening, a charm training session will be truly fast. You can use deep learning tools to understand how real people are likely to respond to various messages. Machine learning tools can help you know how to customize your flirting to a particular audience.

Smile, be sincere, do not be afraid to share your thoughts and desires. And most importantly – observe the reaction of the interlocutor. It will be easy to understand how successful you are in your practice. And if suddenly you are overcome by indecision and embarrassment, remember that the person looking at you from the screen sees you for the first and, most likely, for the last time in your life. Do not be afraid to make a bad impression: everyone came here to relax and have fun, and not to judge others for their mistakes.

Chronic Modesty

There are many people among us who constantly stress due to mere thought that they need to call someone, meet someone, or, oh no, make a public appearance.

Working on yourself is a tremendous job, because you literally break yourself, forcing you to do something that contradicts your own sense of self-preservation. Although to improve the situation, you still need to get in touch with people. There is one trick to making the process a little easier. Spoiler: It is a random video chat – an ideal place for its application.

So, we offer you a game. Imagine your interlocutor. Choose different roles for yourself, feel like a real actor: after all, if an actor does not know how to get into the character, to be believable and cause empathy – people do not believe him. Forget that you are a timid girl or an indecisive guy. In the same video chat, you have the opportunity to play a dozen roles in a couple of hours. And when you get comfortable, take the best from your characters: their courage, confidence, playfulness – all this was always in you, but simply could not find a way out. For several days of such “training”, you can significantly reduce the level of stress caused by communication. Most importantly, do not forget that your roles will never be as real as you are. You just need a little push forward.

Problems with Understanding Other People

Here, perhaps, everything is clear. The more people you communicate with – and you do it sincerely, listening and hearing your interlocutor, delving into their problems and stories – the higher the skill of empathy will get.

Passing through the stories of other people, you learn new emotions and feelings. And gradually it will become easier for you to understand the causes and motives of different human behaviors. The main condition is that such a practice must be conscious and there is no place for hypocrisy in it.

From Virtual to Real World

Perhaps this is not a completely correct phrase, because your video chatting is as real as chatting with an old friend in a cafe over a cup of tea. However, the main idea: the flow of new acquaintances with people who disappear from your life as quickly as they appear, can significantly affect it. They can teach much more than it seems at first glance.

Opening up to random people, sharing your desires, interests, and dreams will become easier for you if you do this also to those whose opinion is really important to you, whose condemnation you are afraid of. Because sincerity, honesty, and openness are the cornerstones of strong relationships and trust in each other.

Machine Learning is Rewriting the Rules of Online Dating with Video Chats

Machine learning is becoming more immersed in online dating services. You can use deep learning to find matches and learn to engage with them even better through video chats. You just know how to use it effectively.

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