Level-Up your Business Technology: What you Get with Better Managed Services

managed cloud services
Shutterstock Licensed Photo - By ra2studio

Not all IT services are created equal, and that’s typically (but not always) directly correlational with how much you’re paying. It may sound a little cliché, but truly you get what you pay for when it comes to technology services for your business. When things are working fine, it’s hard to make the decision to move forward with any technology innovation or changing companies. However, the reality is that by upgrading your technology company, you have the ability to “level-up” your technology overall. What do I mean by that? That’s not just nerd speak. By selecting a more qualified and higher level Managed Services company such as Buchanan to handle your technology to handle your technology, you’re going to be able to run your business more effectively. Don’t believe me? Here’s what happens when you get better Managed Services and level-up your business technology:

  1. You get faster responses.
    The people on the other end of your support request need to have the systems, expertise, and team in place to help you resolve technology issues as quickly as possible. When you pay a little more for a company with a ticketing system, savvy technology and the right number of techs to serve your employees, that means no waiting around for Help Desk to get back to you when they get time. It often means 15-minute response times and light speed resolution times for your tickets. What could save your employee’s time do for your bottom line? Probably a lot.
  2. A strategy for the long term.
    We talk strategy a lot, but how many IT companies are actually implementing it? Less than half. Half of all small businesses actually have a strategy in place for the future of their technology. But with an innovative Managed Services company? It comes standard. For example, our own strategy manager helps all our clients define their technology goals and works with each of them to establish long-term budgets and growth plans that work within their current structure and future plans. You’re not going to get in that in-house unless you’re paying hundreds of thousands for an executive level CIO to do that planning for you.
  3. A partner.
    When you level-up your business technology and start working with a truly savvy MSP, you’re getting even more than great IT Support or a strategic resource – you’re getting a partner. Rather than a part-time consultant that you pay sometimes to assess the state of your technology, you get a 24/7 resource that knows the ins and outs of your business and doesn’t have to reassess every single time. Documentation, expertise, and planning are all just a phone call away.

Having a vendor is one thing, but having a resource and partner that you can trust to take your strategy to the long term while looking out for your best interest over their own bottom line? Does such a company exist? They do. They’re hard to find. They’re a little bit more expensive than other companies – but it’s like I said from the beginning, it’s worth every penny.


You get what you pay for. Is it time to level-up your business technology with a better IT Managed Services Company? (Yes.)