KLM Surprise: Is it Social CRM?

Here’s a great Social Media Customer Engagement Case Study – Royal Dutch Airlines KLM.

Here’s a great Social Media Customer Engagement Case Study – Royal Dutch Airlines KLM. KLM has launched a pilot program called KLM Surprise to surprise their customers who check in on Foursquare at one of KLM’s venues at Amsterdam Schipol Airport with a customized gift based on information customers have shared previously on Social Networking sites.

For customers checking in using Foursquare at one of KLM’s venues at Amsterdam Schipol Airport, KLM employees collect information from their Social Media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, select an individual gift for select customers, locate them in the airport terminal and deliver surprise gift to them and share this information on KLM’s Facebook page and Twitter account (for more, read this).

One can only imagine feeling of pleasant surprise on the face of customers receiving the gift. Well, you don’t have to imagine it – check out photos on KLM Surprise Facebook page and see for yourself.


KLM Surprise team not only “listens” to Social Media channels like Foursquare for check-ins and “learns” about checked-in customers from their Social Media profiles, but “engages” select customers by giving them “individual” gifts and shares this information on social media channels.

In one of my earlier posts, I have defined Social CRM as “the business strategy of engaging customers through Social Media with goal of building trust and brand loyalty“. KLM Surprise team is engaging customers through Social Media for building trust and loyalty and as a result, KLM Surprise is a Social CRM program in my opinion.


What do you think? Is KLM Surprise Social CRM? Please share your thoughts and opinions: