Integrated Data Pipelines Make Magento 2 A Premier B2B Solution

Thanks to integrated data pipelines, Magento 2 is a premier B2B solution worth checking out. Here's what to know.

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Data pipelines have been crucial for brands in a number of ways. In March, Hubspot talked about the shift towards incorporating big data into marketing pipelines in B2B campaigns.

“A modern B2B sales pipeline is a treasure trove of data to model and improve, providing insights that are critical to performance,” writes Hubspot author Dan Tyre.

However, it is important to use the right data pipelines to leverage these benefits. A number of new big data startups leverage these pipelines in interesting ways. Magento is one company that has created some very sophisticated data pipelines for its customers. We discussed it briefly in a previous article on data-driven ecommerce, but wanted to follow-up on some of its more recent breakthroughs.

Magento is a Pioneer in Data Pipeline Development for B2B Brands

Magento 2 as a system has gone a long way in pursuit of compiling a perfect suit for comfortable sales managing and shopping experience through data-driven insights. For 5 years of unstoppable growth, the platform has produced numerous tools that will make your business strive no matter its specialty. Whether you are a retailer or wholesaler, B2C or B2B service provider, Magento 2 has always been able to create the environment favorable for your future business by providing a great diversity of built-in tools.

Many brands have talked about the benefits of utilizing big data offshoots with Magento. GetApp referenced them in their article Big Data Apps Integrated with Magento Commerce.

It is important to understand the different Magento projects and the ways that they utilize new data technology. Surely, Magento 2 Open Source and Magento 2 Commerce/Cloud differ in toolsets.  However, considering the specifics of each of the approaches, the gap seems reasonable. While one of the editions focuses on supporting merchants from the start and keeping the status you achieve through hard work. The other provides you with unique user-friendly functionalities so that you could constantly grow the quality of your offers.

As the service quality is the safest way to support longlasting relationships with your customer base, we always advise merchants to shoot for Magento 2 Commerce resources. Thus, you get to increase your presence and gain serious support from your clients. Moreover, you can grow even stronger if you decide to turn to additional third-party software. This is why it is such an excellent data pipeline project for ecommerce marketers.

Improved Import and Export, or unlimited opportunities for your B2B business growth

FireBear Improved Import and Export for Magento 2 is a universal helper for any B2B or B2C merchant. Developed to deliver flexible data transfers, the extension enables all kinds of data manipulation within a Magento 2 store. At the same time, it stays fully accessible to users with no programming skills or Magento 2 backend knowledge whatsoever.

As we’ve said above, the software’s primary goal is to make any data extraction or implementation process flexible to the maximum. The goal is achieved thanks to the ability to process all Magento 2 entities and transfer them with attention to the entity specifics. Apart from that, the tool enhances the native Magento 2 import and export and adds extra options in data sources and formats supported.

Improved Import and Export has a built-in mapping functionality that allows modifying all the Magento 2 attributes for you to use the software in various situations. Thus, you can turn to the tool in case you need:

  • Regular database updates;
  • Magento 2 migration;
  • Cross-platform synchronization;
  • Magento 2 and ERP/CRM integration;
  • and many more.

Magento 2 B2B add-on of Improved Import and Export

If you aim at scaling up your B2C business or increasing the market expansion with B2B Firebear has multiple solutions in stock. One of them is the B2B add-on for Improved Import and Export.

The add-on is another enhancement for Magento 2 functionality set that requires no special knowledge from you. The B2B add-on works closely with the entities introduced in the official Magento 2 B2B extension and brings a new experience of administrating such elements.

The B2B add-on for Improved Import and Export allows managing the following Magento 2 B2B entities:

  • Companies;
  • Quotes and negotiable quotes;
  • Requisition lists;
  • Shared Catalogs.

The B2B add-on makes the routine in your B2B-oriented store automated. With the software, you get full control over your client data. Companies and companies’ roles, levels of permission, and other features unique to B2B entities can be managed with minimum time and efforts from your side. At the same time, you are able to provide personalized services of high quality by exploring quotes, requisition lists, and shared catalogs.

You can use the software to arrange a flawless Magento 2 B2B workflow with Improved Import and Export and the B2B add-on. Thanks to the wide connection possibilities provided by the extension and its expansion, you can go further with enhancing your business toolkit. Running a Magento 2 integration with one of ERP, CRM, or other professional software, you get to boost sales and increase the efficiency of your store with no extra investments apart from the ‘extension+add-on’ pack.

Magento is a Great Data Pipeline Platform for B2B Ecommerce

Data-driven insights are becoming more essential than ever in B2B ecommerce. And these are just glimpsing of what you can achieve with Improved Import and Export and its numerous big data tools and add-ons. Feel free to explore the whole range of business helpers by visiting the FireBear site.

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