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Copyright © 2012 James Taylor


Copyright © 2012 James Taylor

Following up on my series of posts about the great speakers we have coming up at Decision Management Summit I want to share one of the sessions I am personally most excited about – Decision-Centric Business Design: An Interactive Session. We really wanted to make sure that the Decision Management Summit was going to be interactive and have plenty of opportunity for peer learning – this session is one of the major consequences of that intent.

Here at Decision Management Solutions we do a lot of work with clients to help them discover, understand and model the operational decisions that matter to their business. Some, like Apple Vacations, take this to the next level and use it as part of a business redesign (as we discussed in a webinar available on our webinar recordings page). This is such an important part of decision management we wanted to bring it to the summit but a talk seemed inadequate. Instead we have designed a great interactive session. You’ll hear about a scenario, a business, and then be facilitated through the decision discovery and modeling process. You’ll identify the decisions that matter, the technologies that should help and tie them together to meet the business objectives. This is a first-of-a-kind session at an event like this and I think it is going to be fascinating for everyone involved.

Leading the session are three real experts – Gagan Saxena, ex-CIO of Apple Vacations and the VP of Consulting here at Decision Management Solutions; Claye Greene, a very experienced implementer of Decision Management technologies  and Managing Director of TechBlue; and Dr Alan Fish, a leading expert in decision modeling and Principal Consultant at FICO (as well as author of the great book, Knowledge Automation: How to implement Decision Management in Business Processes.

You can read about this great session and the rest of the Decision Management Summit agenda here. If you want to come, why not register now and get the great early bird pricing – just $1,100 after the extra 15% discount you get with the Decision Management Solutions discount code (DMSB12).

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