Data Technology Is Crucial To Your Infrastructural Modernization Plan

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Big data has played a very important role in many aspects of small business. The market for big data is expected to reach $67 billion by next year. Companies of all sizes need to understand the impact big data has had on their business models. They also need to consider new opportunities for the future.

One of the biggest ways that big data can change your business is by helping you modernize your digital infrastructure. Big data technology is crucial for helping with this.

The Relevance of Big Data to Modernizing Your Infrastructure

Your computing infrastructure is essential to owning and operating a business in 2020. Without digital technology, companies wouldn’t be as productive and won’t be able to run.

In previous years, digital infrastructures were far less sophisticated. According to a post on DataVersity, a leading big data blog, the first semiconductor chips could only store 2,000 bits of information. Today, companies can store a tremendous amount of data internally and on the cloud. They need to update their business model to reflect this development.


Therefore, to use your IT infrastructure to its full potential, you must ensure it is optimized with big data technology. Modern businesses are fast moving to mobile, digital, and cloud services. They can use data mining tools to streamline many services and boost their ROI tremendously.

Unfortunately, your business won’t thrive without the right data strategy behind it. Through equipment failure and business interruptions, cloud-powered companies can lose so much money, and managing its IT infrastructure can be an expensive affair. With a smartly improved and optimized IT infrastructure, businesses can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and better serve their business needs. Below are some of the top benefits of optimizing your business’ infrastructure with big data.

Offering better client service

When you invest in tech solutions that will assist your business provide better products and services, you’re sure to reach one of the main objectives of your company. Therefore, your IT department should have the best big data and digital technology tools and solutions to achieve this. You should include tools such as enterprise resource and client relations management software into the cloud environments to give your company a better chance at better client engagement and higher revenue. The IT infrastructure must be at its peak performance to get everything you can out of your CRM solutions.

Increasing productivity

Big data can play a huge role in boosting productivity. One study found that big data could help the average Fortune 1000 company boost its revenue by $2 billion a year just by boosting productivity by 10%.


By ensuring that your company’s technology solutions are all at their peak performance contributes to a massive increase in productivity. There’s a wide variety of tools and solutions that are tailored to this type of function, with the main being a unified communication technology, commonly referred to as UC. UC comes with multiple communications forms such as email, phone, unified messaging, and the likes into a single solution. This makes it easier to pass on information across the whole organization. There’s a high rising demand for these types of solutions as recent projections from the market researchers show that the communication-as-a-service market is already worth $24.88 billion. These solutions won’t only help your business stay abreast of the market world, but will also boost productivity across the board since all employees can work on the go or from home.

Boosting agility

The cloud and virtualized infrastructure tools provide benefits that allow businesses to efficiently and effectively meet client needs and practice better data management. These will add complexity to your organization, which can, at times, be slowdowns. It’s imperative that the IT infrastructure is visible to achieve optimization.

Strengthening networks

When you invest in networking solutions, you’ll be improving the functionality of your data centers, while at the same time, enhancing your computing power. This is a vital process, especially when you want to complete your tasks more quickly and balance workloads. For instance, the network function virtualization can decrease the amount of required network hardware, and hence, reduce complexity across the board. This leads to an improved business process, and consequently, better bottom lines.

To achieve these benefits and much more, contact Dedi Networks professionals to get more information on how to optimize your IT infrastructure, and eventually improve your business functions, staying ahead of your competition.


Big Data is Crucial to Modernizing Your Digital Infrastructure

You need to take a close look at every element of your digital infrastructure. You are probably going to discover that big data is crucial to this. You can invest in a sound big data strategy and get far more value of your computing resources.

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