Data Driven Links Between Workplace Productivity and Screening Checks

Data-driven approaches to employment screening can solve many of the challenges that workplaces face.

data-driven background checks
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Data-driven organizations are looking for new ways to use data technology to improve their operations. Unfortunately, they don’t always look at every opportunity to leverage it.

Pre-employment background checks are not meant as a burden for the HR department, and they’re an effective tool to increase productivity and profits. One bad hire can cost a company quite a lot. Unfortunately, the concern is not only due to financial losses, but also about the company reputation and public image, which, in the long-term, also translates in loss of revenue.

Big data can play a very important role in solving these challenges. Let’s have a look at some facts.

Pre-employment screening with data mining tools increases the quality of candidates

As a company, you can make it clear from the job ad, that all applicants will have to submit a background check. Even if you don’t do that, word gets around and those interested in applying for a position will know to expect a police check. Instead of sending applicants to the police station or the local post office, you can simply direct applicants to apply online via services like Australian national character check (in Australia or New Zealand) or Equifax (in the U.S.). These organizations use data mining tools to find out everything that they can about the people they are screening.

You will notice a sudden increase in the quality of your job applicants when you take a data-driven approach to employment screening. First of all, that’s because people with some offenses on their criminal record will stay away.

At the same time, honest people will be encouraged to apply for a job with a company that takes employee safety seriously.

On the other hand, if candidates understand that you have strict pre-employment screening policies that use state-of-the-art data mining tools they will be less likely to lie on their resumes. This is one of the biggest advantages of using big data for new employment models.

The benefits of reducing workplace violence

According to the US Department of Justice, more than 1.7 million workdays are lost every year due to workplace violence. While in Australia, employers have less to worry about the use of firearms, there are still many disturbances caused by people with a tendency for violence, and this can cost millions.

All this could be avoided by performing a quick background check by looking at detailed databases, using the services of an online character check agency. Since everything is done online, this won’t cause any additional problems to the candidates or your HR department.

How to keep employee turnover down

Another benefit of using big data to screen employees is that it helps minimize employee turnover. A bad hire is someone who is not fit for their job or causes too many problems in the workplace and, sooner or later, you’ll have to replace that employee.

Basically, that means more work for the HR and a financial loss for your business. When you have no other solution but to fire someone, that position will be empty for at least some weeks. Forcing the other employees to cover for that is going to cost you overtime payments and the strain placed on your organization will cause inevitable financial losses.

Also, when you do hire someone new, they might need training and the time to adjust to their new environment.

According to a new study, replacing an employee can cost up to five times the monthly salary for that position.

How to reduce workplace theft

Workplace fraud costs Australian businesses an estimated $1.5 a year.

Most employees admit to stealing from their employer. Even replacing the stolen staplers, markers or cleaning supplies means a lot of money, but what you should worry about are people convicted of fraud and embezzlement. These are devious characters who have a scheme in mind from the moment they set foot into your office.

And to think it’s so easy to identify such people by doing a simple background check. Just go online and access the website of the agency you work with. In a couple of days, you’ll have the criminal record check document sent to your email. If it turns out the guy you were considering hiring has several fraud convictions, just let them know the position has already been filled and count your blessings.

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