Data Analytics Secrets to Optimizing Your Email Marketing Strategy?

You need to utilize big data to get the most out of your email marketing strategy.

email marketing with big data
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With most businesses investing more heavily data-driven, digital marketing strategies recent years, it’s important to stay ahead of your competitors. With a good email marketing strategy in place, you are likely to be more successful. Big data has become incredibly important for the future of email marketing.

Why is it important to have a data-driven email marketing strategy?

Having a good email marketing strategy in place means that you can connect with your customers on a level you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Big data has opened many doors with things like personalized marketing content that directly targets the customers individually and makes the experience more intimate are highly favorable and increase the chances of an email being read, thus links being clicked, and purchases being made.

Email marketing can also be used to help you to gain customer feedback through easy, quick and simple questionnaires – particularly if you include an incentive, such as a discount code upon completion of the survey to encourage customers to provide feedback. However, these benefits can only be realized with data analytics tools.

Ineffective email marketing due to the emails being flagged up as spam or failing to capture the recipients’ attention could result in less sales and reduced traffic to your website. Ensuring that your subject line piques interest is vital and using personalization will typically help you do this. This is a lot easier if you know how to use data analytics effectively.


How to integrate data analytics into your email marketing strategy

The first step to a successful email marketing strategy is to understand your audience. What might appeal to some, may not to others. Your customers will be interested in different things, especially if you sell a wide range of products.

Do your research and analyze available data to identify what is of interest and relevant to your contacts. Such data could include previous purchases, time since last purchase or demographics. Applying this insight to your email marketing strategy makes allows you to segment your email lists properly to ensure relevancy and prevent excessive unsubscribes from your mailing list.

Whilst The most successful types of email marketing are often simple and easy to digest, you need to actively think ahead to upcoming events, product launches and promotions to form an email plan that will spark the interest of your customers.

Here are some ways to use big data to get the most of your email marketing strategies.


Dos and Don’ts of data-driven email marketing

  • Do make sure that your marketing emails are mobile friendly. With most people checking their inbox on the go, your emails need to look just as good on any device. Remember that you have less space to work with so keep text short and interesting. AI tools have made it easier to create responsive email templates.
  • Don’t waffle or add in any unnecessary details. The details can come later once the contact has clicked on the link provided. Keep your content concise, intriguing and exciting so that customers are eager to find out more and visit your site. Big data can help you optimize your emails to see how customers would respond to them.
  • Do carefully consider your subject line. This sets the first impression of your email and is vital to encourage your contacts to open it. AI copywriting tools can help you see how customers will likely respond to certain subject lines based on previous interactions with other emails.
  • Don’t overlook GDPR and data protection requirements. Make sure you have the appropriate permissions to send emails to your contacts and that you provide an opportunity to opt out and manage their preferences.
  • Do make your job easier. Use an email marketing automation service or platform. Scheduling your emails for sending, you can pre-plan and create your emails. You can even create an email workflow to take contacts through a journey designed to convert.
  • Don’t panic – if you’re new to email marketing and you’re not sure where to start, there are lots of resources available. Here are a few great tips and examples that you can learn from.

These benefits cannot be overlooked.


Big Data is the Lynchpin of Your Email Marketing Strategy

There are a ton of great benefits of using big data in email marketing. You should not ignore these benefits if you want to get the highest possible ROI.

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