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August 8, 2011

ERP Issues

ERP Software Timeline

ERP Issues

ERP Software Timeline
The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system had a bad start in the 1990s but it may now be time to get rid of those preconceived ideas about it as a disaster, as it can now assist businesses as it is hosted in the cloud, or remotely. This means that the server does not have to have extra capacity and will not be overloaded, as multiple users can make use of the same application from any mobile device anywhere in the world. Today, you are in a position to get latest technology news of newest Cloud ERP software.

Cloud ERP software versus traditional ERP

Cloud ERP software is different from the ERP systems first launched years ago and is a cost-effective way of allowing multiple users to gaining access to the same resource without having to upgrade a server or spend a fortune on new equipment. You can work on a project with colleagues across the globe and share the information from all of them so that it is easily accessed wherever they are. You can access reports and take action on the data while on the move via a mobile device or in an office. There are advanced security features, so the threat of information getting into the wrong hands is minimized. And who knows what tomorrow will bring as there are new applications for Cloud ERP software appearing all the time. Now that the cloud can be tapped into, more applications are being designed with it in mind, so although it is largely a tool for businesses at the moment, you will undoubtedly soon see it in the field of entertainment as movies could be hosted in the cloud, so that they can be accessed by many people simultaneously.


It seems likely that we will all be using Cloud ERP software in the very near future as inventors are waking up to its potential.

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