How to Choose the Right Video Conferencing Software

August 16, 2017

Video conferencing holds a very important place in the business sector, and companies – both big and small, are extensively using it. After all, it helps you feel as if you are face-to-face with your team members no matter how far they may actually be.

Though a video conferencing software is something you just cannot do without, it will not be wise to settle with just about any tool and instead you need to find the right one. Now you must be wondering how to choose the right video conferencing software. Well, all you need to do is follow the simple tips given below.

Is the software a total solution?

Before you invest in the software you must first find out if it is a total solution. You basically need to check if the tool can handle scheduling, software reporting, updates, and monitoring. Also, find out if it can control network bandwidth and offers firewall retraction so that you can get easily connected with remote participants.

Decide your budget

It is very important to consider your budget while selecting a video conferencing software, as you can get them in varying price ranges. If you have a low budget to stick to and yet are in need of important and helpful features then you can consider ezTalks video conferencing, the first plan of which is available completely free of cost. It has two other nominally priced plans that you can also choose from. Depending on your budget you can conduct a research and find those that match your requirements. One thing you need to remember is that there surely is some or the other tool that will be available within your budget, so just keep looking, while of course keeping your expectations regarding the features realistic.

Decide what features you need

Your budget and the features you will get go hand in hand, as the functionalities are available for a price. If you just want to make occasional video calls with only a few members then you need not necessarily pay for a software that will allow you to add a large number of attendees for a big price. However, there is an exception here as ezTalks video conferencing software, without charging you anything, allows you to add up to 100 attendees in your video conference. Furthermore, if you regularly plan to hold video conferences and also collaborate with your team members, then the tool you opt for must have online collaboration capabilities. It will actually be best to list down everything that you will need from your video conferencing software and then begin your search. This will help you find something that meets your needs precisely and you will not end up paying unnecessarily for any extra features.

Contact your potential vendors and tell them about your needs

Once you know the features you need and are aware of your budget, the next thing you can do is contact the video conferencing vendors you have shortlisted. During your conversation, let the company fully know about your office setup and your requirements so that they can help guide you with the best solution to match your requirements. Also, let them know about your budget so that they can tell you if they have what exactly you are looking for and that too at the price you are willing to pay. The better you are aware of your needs the easier will it be for you to communicate with your potential vendors, and the faster will you get the best video conferencing software for your company’s needs.

Give importance to security

While finding the best video conferencing software for you, you also need to consider the security requirements of your company. When you host a video conference secure date keeps traveling back and forth between users, and you must make sure that all information shared during the conference stays safe. To make sure your information stays secure you need to see to it that every detail you share is encrypted. What level of encryption you will require depends on how sensitive the information you transmit is.

Consider device compatibility

You need to make sure the video conferencing software you opt for supports many endpoints. Your business partners and clients may be using varying operating systems on their mobile device or computers, so you need to ensure that the software you choose is such that allows all your participants to connect in the video conference without facing any difficulty. Also, consider the bandwidth that will be used by your video conferencing software, as everyone may not have the highest internet speeds. If the tool you use takes up an excess of bandwidth, those with a slower internet connection will not be able to see and hear the videos and audios properly, thus resulting in an unpleasant experience.

Check if the software has HD capabilities

The HD quality is something everyone is interested in, be it in games, television, movies, or even when in a video conference. However, not every tool offers proper HD quality. So, you need to search for a tool like ezTalks with an HD system that has been created appropriately and offers the best resolution to match the call’s speed. Always remember that a poor resolution looks very unattractive and unprofessional particularly during important business meetings.

Find out if the software is easy to implement

There are many video conferencing tools that may be good but are too difficult to understand and use for the non-technical users. If the solution you opt for is highly technical then you will have to

Spend unnecessary time in training your workforce into how to use it. To avoid wasting time and so much effort you should look for a software with user-friendly interface. This will help make sure you can start using the program without any delay and you will also save the costs and time on training your workforce.

So, now that you know how to choose the right video conferencing solution, get the one that you find meets all your requirements without delay, and get connected with all your remote team members right away.