Big Data Makes Custom Decals More Useful Marketing Tools

big data use in marketing

There are many ways that big data is being utilized in marketing. We have talked extensively about the use of big data in digital marketing, but it can very useful in traditional marketing strategies as well.

One study from Forbes found that 55% of companies have used big data analytics. However, there are other big data applications that they have overlooked. One is with using big data to create custom decals.

Big Data Leads to Custom Decal Marketing Strategies

Any business organization thrives on customer numbers, which is one of the biggest benefits of big data. Positioning yourself on the pedestal of business gives you an advantage over other competing brands. As you know, competition in the market is cut-throat and big data can give any company an edge in marketing and sales.

You need your customers to feel your presence. There are many ways of advertising and promoting your brand and big data can play a big role. Custom decals are an emerging trend in business promotions globally. In this article, we will endeavor to inform you on how to create an edge with this type of business promotions.

Things to Consider When Creating Custom Decals with Big Data Technology

In most firms, the marketing budget is not that huge. This calls for the introduction of marketing strategies that will drive consumers and yet lower the cost of maintaining them.

Fortunately, big data makes it easier to create great designs on a tight budget. You can use machine learning to create better designs and get a better handle on your customers. When you envisage the use of custom decals for your firm, there are several things that you need to consider.

1. Budget

This is the primary factor in any promotion. You need to have an estimate of what you are going to spend in comparison to the returns you expect. If that is not the case, then you will have to have this as an ongoing project with little customer service promotion. In both cases, you need to spend money where the returns are promising. The amount of money will narrow your options to the kind of custom decals you will use.

Big data can help you cut costs, but it won’t eliminate them. You still need to be realistic with your budget.

2. Design

A good design will always linger in the minds of customers. The customers already know what your company offers. It is how you present it that matters to them. Thus, blending your company information with some eye-catching images will help. Hence the more they visualize it, the better for you. Big data and machine learning is great for making better designs.

3. Mode of Promotion

If you are using stickers, it is proper to include something that excites the customer. Input some inspiring messages that identify with the client. Customers will more often stick your decal sticker on their things if they are attractive. The most common domestic items are fridge doors and laptops. This daily interaction helps the brand remain in the minds and lips of customers.

4. Versatility

Promotions are to bring more customers to your firm. This means you need to keep reminding them of your presence. Big data helps with this. The easiest way of doing it is by branding items that are useful more than ones. Motorcycle helmets are a good example. They remind the client of your firm. Besides that, you keep on the advertising without any extra cost.

5. Market

Understanding your market needs helps you in narrowing your information on the decals. If you are reaching out to younger generations, you need to have something that captivates their energy. They are into something that will give them fame and visibility. When dealing with the older citizens, then a sense of maturity comes in. Equally, they consider what the business can offer them if they invest as consumers of your services.

Types of Custom Decals

There is a variety of custom decals you can choose from. Well, that will depend on your cost, target audience, and intended results.

Stickers are the most common places to promote your brand. It gives you the most comprehensive visibility and reaches. You may choose from logo or bumper stickers according to your target audience. Either way, you will achieve to get your presence far and wide.

Window, floor, and wall decals come in handy if you have space to put your promotional materials. In most stores, the use of window decals is common. They use them for informing clients of working hours, free promotions, and offers. Large organizations prefer wall and floor decals on the premises. It helps in directing the client. The client can read about the services of the business, and so on. Besides that, it keeps the client busy as he or she waits for their turn on the line.

Organization labels and stickers are useful in creating a formal structure in your business. If you have a supermarket or department store, it is easy to pass company information together with the products. All you will have to do is keep the identifying label of products above the product rows. Besides, the product row should be bolder than the company information.

Advantages of Custom Decals

1. Endorsement by clients

The most profitable way of using custom decals is by seeking endorsements. When members of a specific organization or community use your logo, you earn more trust. Traditional marketing is by word of mouth. So, instead of having your staff doing that, the branding endorsement does the talking for you.

2. Visibility

Custom decals give you visibility where you cannot penetrate. Having a creative custom decal for social events helps you get more visibility at functions. When you have such an audience at your disposal, you have a better advantage. As people exchange cards at social gatherings, you stand a chance of captivating some people to visit your firm.

3. Interaction

You need a promotion that gives you an interactive edge with your public. People like to engage with organizations. It helps them to feel like part of the firm. Simple tokens like bookmakers or customized business cards with sticker decals help. You will get more interaction with clients on more than one front.

4. Appreciation

Customers are emotional beings. If you get to interact with their soft side, you will easily create a long-lasting relationship. Having customer gifts as decals is a sure way of retaining their loyalty. You may give out branded items like pens, shirts, or travel bags. If your logistics can allow it, equally send it to the customer address. This is suitable for significant events like their birthdays, anniversaries, or religious festivities.

Big Data is the Key to Creating Excellent Decal Designs

Big data gives companies an edge in many ways, including with coming up with great decals. In any serious business venture, getting repeat clients is the most prominent dream. Organizations go to great heights to retain existing clients. Promotions within and without the firm are crucial in the tight competition and big data is essential for this. Custom decals are an essential tool in the growth of your business. If you are considering making a promotion, you should consider the above tips. They will guide your path on how to promote your business.