Big Data Gives Rise To Cutting Edge Client Portal Software For Law Firms

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In 2016, Forbes published an insightful post on the importance of big data in the legal profession. Author Bernard Marr presents a very good point about the growing body of data in the legal profession and the impact that it is having on the way lawyers do their jobs.

There are over a third of a million legal cases in the United States every single year. Every one of these cases contains a lot of data on new precedents and the validity of legal strategies that lawyers can use to their advantage.

A new generation of client portal software applications are helping legal professionals take full advantage of this data.

The Growth of Big Data Spawns a New Generation of Client Portal Software in the Legal Industry

Big data has provided several new innovative ways for companies and customers to collaborate. Customer portals are a good example of this and have created an effective way of enhancing customer relationships by providing a secure area where customers can quickly access projects, calendars, and other documentation.

What is a customer portal?

Customer portals are defined as private channels that are operated online. They are usually hosted on your business’s website, where you can provide essential resources to customers. Big data makes it easier to get value from them.

These big data portals have a variety of benefits. They are invaluable for customer engagement. They can be used to exchange details with customers both within and outside the channel in question. What is the benefit?

Client portal software has become very popular with companies that work with multiple clients, especially law firms as a portal as described provides completely secure 24/7 access to collaborative tools using just an online connection. If you’re currently at the crossroads of trying to decide whether a client portal will be of value to you and, more importantly, your clients here is how customer portal software could benefit your law firm.

More secure than email

One of the biggest sources of big data is modern email. Emails are extremely convenient but when it comes to security, they’re not as safe as everyone assumes. Most email travels across the internet unencrypted and unprotected from hacking or interception.

Email could be even riskier in the age of big data. Hackers are using machine learning to create more effective malware and hacks, which helps them exploit their victims more easily.

Client portals have become a better solution for secure file sharing for sensitive information. They also use big data to communicate, but they do so much more securely. Industries such as banking and healthcare have been making the most of this technological advancement for a while for sharing financial statements and other confidential information.

Client portals allows law firms to store sensitive documents within a secure, personalized online space. You can then simply provide a link to a secure location where your client can log in and access their legal documents and other communications at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection.

Competitive advantage

When it comes to choosing a law firm, prospective clients have no shortage of attorneys to pick from, so you want to make sure that your firm stands out from the crowd. Being technologically up to date is essential as most potential clients won’t even consider settling for a firm that is delayed when it comes to technology. Big data makes it easier for attorneys to create a successful strategy, as well for customers to choose the best lawyer.

A secure client portal that relies on sophisticated big data let’s prospective clients know that:

  • you value confidentiality and security
  • you have the resources to invest in the latest technological advancements
  • collaborative relationships with your clients are important

This will enhance your brand and will offer a unique client experience.

Save time and money

Another great benefit of using a client portal is that it simplifies the ability to connect with customers online with minimal follow-up. You can use electronic invoices, which is a lot more efficient than sending them by mail. It eliminates the time-consuming, repetitive tasks and means that your client’s activities are effortlessly up to date.

And, whilst saving time you’re also saving money. Time you save from repetitive tasks can be allocated to more important business and costs that are usually spent on traditional methods of communication will be eradicated once your client portal is in place.

Access is unlimited

Your clients can log in to your client portal anytime from anywhere, as long as they have an active internet connection. Ensuring that your online client portal has a responsive design, means that your clients can also view their account from their smartphone or tablet no matter where they are. This accessibility is a real advantage to customers.

Other technical benefits:

  • You can transfer files with infinite sizes
  • People can privately use a repository on their own
  • They can handle and upload much larger files than they could with traditional platforms
  • You can use functions to control the versions of the content
  • Files can be stored in structured folders

There are many ways that client portal software can benefit your law firm. If you’re interested in getting a dedicated portal for your customers, we recommend speaking to a trusted software development company.

Big Data is the Key to a Thriving Legal Profession with New Client Portal Software

The legal industry is adapting to changes in big data. Machine learning, AI and other big data technology are making it easier for attorneys to create a competitive edge. Client portal software is a great tool to help promising lawyers get more value for their clients.

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