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Report from the 2012 Hadoop Summit

Abstract:   One of the hottest technology trends in 2012 is Big Data…

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Game Monetization: Recognize and Reward Your Most Valuable Players

(First installment a series of player LTV and game monetization articles. The following is an excerpt…

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Overview of Angry Birds Monetization and Brand Strategy from Casual Connect Kyiv 2011

Casual Connect Kyiv was held for its 6th consecutive year in October 2011.  This is an…

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Game Analytics: Platform Trends, Monetization and Player Value in Social Games

The Game Analytics industry is arguably still in it's infancy.  A list of…

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Cloud Analytics, Big Data Analytics: The Sky’s the Limit for Spatial and Geo-Location Analytics

Continuing the general Big Data Analytics and Cloud Analytics theme, this TDWI article…

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Big Data Analytics and Cloud Analytics: Embracing the Cloud and the Big Data Grid

Sometimes you have a choice.  You either jump in and join the game,…

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