Alexey Utkin

Alexey Utkin joined DataArt as Systems Architect and Team Leader in 2004, and has been in charge of leading major finance enterprise accounts since. With over 14 years in the IT industry, eight of them in the financial services sector, Alexey brings a wealth of industry expertise to DataArt and has become a core member of its Finance Practice. With a dedicated focus on solution, technology, regulation and process consulting, he now leads DataArt’s most seasoned industry practice from its London’s office.
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Can AI Truly Write or Animate Great Anime?

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The Role of Predictive Analytics in Forecasting using Business Intelligence

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How AI and Analytics Can Save Energy Small Businesses

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Blockchain Advances Lead to Breakthroughs in CBDCs

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Why Data-Driven Businesses Need Clean Sales Data

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Future Trends in Generative AI: What’s Next in Machine Creativity

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Smart Video Bloggers Are Leveraging Cloud-Based Marketing Tools

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7 Major IT Infrastructure Challenges for Data-Driven Companies

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Data-Driven Organizations Must Use Talent Analytics Wisely

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Cloud-Based GPS Tracking Revolutionizes Excavation Projects

The market for cloud computing is growing faster than we originally anticipated…

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