AI-Driven Employee Monitoring Software Solves the Most Pressing Organizational Challenges

AI monitoring technology is key to enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction in the 21st Century.

employee monitoring software with AI
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Artificial intelligence is helping solve a number of problems that modern businesses encounter. They spent $39.9 billion last year. We typically think about the merits of AI in the context of marketing, manufacturing, financial reporting and customer service management. Although AI technology is invaluable in all of these respects, there are some other applications that don’t receive as much attention.

One of the other uses of AI is with employee management. A number of AI software programs have made managing employees easier than ever.

AI Makes Employee Monitoring Software More Effective

To adopt organizational teams with technological progress, employers vastly rely on employee monitoring software. The system allows reshaping employee behavior to support better performance at work. A number of new AI algorithms have streamlined managerial processes to bolster engagement, minimize turnover and increase productivity.

One study cited by Jim Romeo of the Society for Human Resource Management found that AI can be highly useful for boosting employee engagement. Romeo said that case studies from Microsoft and other companies have shown that data analytics can be used to develop better human resources policies, such as avoiding transfers to keep employee satisfaction high.

In order to appreciate the benefits of AI-driven employee monitoring applications, you need to outline your objectives. You may have heard the statement: People are hired for talents and fired for behavior. The behavior of employees is an important part of monitoring. Some employees check out the weather forecasts or surf the internet news to start the day at work. Others use their free time to learn and grow professionally. It is all about perspective, and employee behavior plays a major role here.

4 Ways To Reshape Employee Behavior by Monitoring them with Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Here are four profound benefits of using AI employment software to monitor employees.

Accelerate Real Performance

There is a type of employee who only performs well when the management is observing things tightly. But employee computer monitoring software can cure your need for micromanagement. You will find multiple reports that support the fact that employees are active and business-oriented during office time when they are being watched. 

AI algorithms are good at deciphering whether employees are really being productive, rather than just pretending to work. They are often better than human managers at monitoring this, because they evaluate actual productivity targets.

Turn Passive Employees into Active

Employees act differently when they have free minutes from direct responsibilities. Some prefer to take an extra coffee break, tracked as idle times by the monitoring software. Others possess a self-driving motivation and prefer to read business-related material to support their professional growth. 

By keeping tabs on web usage and running apps, AI monitoring software can provide you evidence of performance degradation and help you change employee behavior when needed.

Organize Employee Behavior

Lack of personal organization is a massive issue- you can use AI tools to detect from the pattern of computer and web usage by employees. Employee monitoring tool gives you detailed data on how much computer time is spent unproductively on non-business sites, allowing you to reorganize harmful behavior.

Help Employees to Get Used to The Suggested Tools

Although companies spend tons of money on HR training and facilities, many employees cannot hide their resistance to new approaches. A common example is the denials of using newly purchased software. By checking the screenshots and app usage records, you can easily find whether the employees are using the suggested tools or not. In a short time, they will get used to it.

Means of Monitoring Employee Behavior

As an employee computer monitoring software, CloudDesk provides multiple means of analytical tools to help shape employee behavior:

  • Active and idle time
  • Internet and computer application usage
  • Facial recognition system
  • Random screenshots

As you can see, reports from the employee monitoring software can help capture data on employee active and idle time on computers, provide valuable information on their web visit orientation, and give an idea on the relevancy of software and documents used during office hours.

Think about it from a practical perspective, shall we? The active/idle hour report shows that one of your employees, let’s say, Russell, is quite active on the computer during a certain period of time. Sounds good, but there is more. The web usage record shows that he spends plenty of time surfing non-business-related sites (i.e., social media)- which is completely irrelevant to his work. 

More surprisingly, Russell is not using the expensive software purchased to make his work easier- as revealed by the monitoring tool. Correspondingly, Russell has been roaming around during the designated work hours, wasting corporate time and investments- also an indicator to prove his time-wasting behavior.

Analysis from Monitoring Data To Influence Behavior

AI-driven employee monitoring software is a cutting-edge managerial tool, capable of tracking employee behavior and reshaping it without disturbing work and privacy. It creates paths to many managerial activities to form the right norm and culture of behavior. For example:

  • HR discipline maintenance programs can work on building the right behavior based on the monitoring data.
  • Management can train staff to limit social networking and reduce excessive idle time, thus rebuilding their perspective.
  • Mitigation of organizational cultural risks
  • The running apps and web usage record can help avoid liability from using unlicensed software on employee computers and promote usage of valid utilities.
  • Unseen corporate cost savings
  • Attempt to abuse idle time can be detected with the employee monitoring software, thus securing a better performing behavior at work.
  • Responsibilities are easy to rearrange with the introduction of the employee monitoring tool because it gives clear data on individual work efficiency in a given time.
  • Toxic employee behavior, like showcasing fake job engagement, could be eliminated with the robust analysis of employee computer monitoring software.

AI Software is Ideal for Employee Monitoring

Artificial intelligence is playing an important role in employee monitoring. This technology can be very helpful for companies trying to squeeze more productivity out of their employees and striving to keep them more satisfied.

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