AI Driven Cloud Security Becomes Tremendously Important In 2020

Here's why AI driven cloud security is important and how it works.

AI and cloud security
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Artificial intelligence is reframing the cybersecurity debate in a major way. Countless cybersecurity experts have started investing more in AI technology. They are focusing more on using AI to improve the security of cloud-based platforms.

Eric Broda wrote an article on this topic in Medium, stating that AI is the future of cloud security. He made some very salient points that should be taken to heart.

AI is Critical to the Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the modern way of accessing all the technical services your London-based business requires – from servers, storage and database systems to networking, software and analytics – and all through the Internet. Essentially, you don’t procure, install, house and maintain all the usual kit as you once might have done, you just pay to access the services you need. However, even with all the business benefits Cloud computing provides, robust cloud security is imperative. Why? Because cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated, security threats are constantly evolving and Cloud computing is no less at risk than the traditional on-premise environment. That’s why our topic for this article is the mission-critical importance of Cloud security.

AI is going to play an important role in these trends. Cybersecurity experts should invest in machine learning technology to address their concerns in the coming months.


The concerns surrounding Cloud security that Could Be Addressed with AI

Despite the increasing popularity of Cloud computing, a report by Bitglass researchers in 2019 found that 93% of organizations are concerned about Cloud security. So, in this blog post we’re going to take a closer look at the subject and how to achieve it. Below you’ll discover:

  • What is Cloud security?
  • How your business can benefit from Cloud security
  • How to secure your data when using the Cloud
  • Protect your data, privacy, compliance and good name

AI has proven to be invaluable for handling these concerns. The Cloud Security Alliance has a whitepaper on these topics.

What is Cloud security?

Cloud security consists of all the technological solutions and organizational policies and controls utilized to ensure the security of a cloud platform.  The purpose of cloud security is to ensure the safety of your data, as well as the cloud architecture itself.

This will depend upon your needs, the Cloud provider you’re using and the Cloud security solutions they provide. Note that the implementation of Cloud security processes to protect your data is a joint responsibility between you, as the business owner and your solution provider.


The most important objectives of cloud security are listed below:

  • Protect your data in the Cloud, including any Intellectual Property (IP),
  • Protect the privacy and private personal information of your staff and customers,
  • Have a system to ensure regulatory protocols are adhered to (such as the GDPR), and
  • Establish rules to authenticate devices and users accessing the cloud network

Cloud security can be tailored to the exact needs of your business. These needs can cover the countless nuances of authenticating users and restricting traffic from sources that are likely to be malicious. These rules can be orchestrated and carried out from a single node, which means that you can focus more time on your business.

How your business can benefit from Cloud security

Like Cloud computing itself, Cloud security offers your business a variety of benefits, including:

  • Centralized security

Cloud security has many benefits, one of which is centralization. If your business network consists of many different devices and nodes. They are often used by people working remotely, it can be difficult to administer.


Cloud security enables you to manage these disparate resources all in one place, so you can achieve so much more, quickly and easily.

  • Reduce costs

Cloud computing and security means that it isn’t necessary to acquire dedicated hardware. This cuts capital expenditure, saves space and minimizes administrative overheads. What’s more, Cloud security is ‘proactive,’ so it’s safeguarding your data 24/7. There is little need to hire a security professional to manage it for you.

  • Less administration

A reputable Cloud services provider utilizing a proven, robust Cloud security platform means all those tiresome, time and effort consuming manual security configurations, patches, fixes and updates and managed on your behalf.

  • Proven reliability

The right technologies can give your enterprise a competitive edge but business continuity delivered by reliable solutions will also keep your team productive and profitable. Cloud computing services are extremely dependable, so your people can access the platform securely in any circumstance.


How to secure your data when using the Cloud

The fact is, all Cloud models are susceptible to threats – whether public, private or hybrid Cloud. The more you move your infrastructure, devices and business processes onto the Cloud, the more Cloud security matters. To ensure you benefit from the best Cloud security:

  • Select the right Cloud and Cloud security partner.
  • Make sure they’re using only best-fit, best-in-class, proven and robust security solutions.
  • You and they should implement thorough and comprehensive security policies and procedures.
  • Maintain a strong culture of online and data security amongst your team, through staff training.

Protect your data, privacy, compliance and good name

Using Cloud computing offers your business many benefits. These range from reducing technology and operating costs to enabling remote and agile working. Plus Cloud computing can easily scale and evolve as your business does.

But any data breach, damage, theft, leak or loss can play havoc with your finances, customer confidence and hard-earned reputation.

So if you’d like to know more about leveraging Cloud computing – including powerful and proven security features – why not give London’s go to managed IT support services team a call for a confidential, no-obligation chat about your requirements.


AI is Crucial for Modern Cloud Security

You can’t overlook the benefits of AI in any context. Cloud security is one of the areas that could be most helped by AI advances. Cybersecurity experts should consider this moving forward.

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