The Advent And Scope Of AI Marketing In 2020 And Beyond

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When it comes to bridging the existing gap between data science and its usage, targeting better marketing results, nothing beats the utilitarian nature of AI. While artificial intelligence alone is capable of sifting through humongous data sets for analyzing the relevant ones, AI marketing is slowly but steadily shaping up into a venture that comes with a host of benefits over the conventional ways of promoting a product or service.

That said, before we move any further into a detailed discussion regarding AI marketing and its role in diverse industries, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the same, and that too in regard to the existing entrepreneurial landscape:

Artificial Intelligence Empowered Marketing

In simpler words, AI marketing is a significantly powerful technique of anticipating the subsequent moves of the concerned customers whilst using the concepts of data science and relevant machine learning inputs. The focus, therefore, is always on keeping the marketing strategies proactive, in order to improve the existing customer journey in the best possible manner.

It wouldn’t be wrong to consider that the growth and availability of advanced analytics and big data technologies have actually popularized the concept of AI marketing, which in turn allows firms to draw a better and bigger picture of the target clientele. Most importantly, the AI marketing initiatives are skillfully armed with data sets, both raw and processed, which offer an additional edge to the companies using the same for their marketing endeavors. Needless to say, proper implementation can make way for better campaign performances and improved ROI.

Benefits of AI Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has been in limelight for long and 2020 will see a more holistic adoption of the same, even in regard to marketing ventures. Based on an independent report released by the PwC, AI is considered as a ready business advantage by almost 72 percent of the concerned individuals.

Intelligent Searches Galore

AI is the only form of marketing that categorizes customers as intelligent beings. Therefore, AI marketing makes it a point of track the customer searching behavior, in order to get the best results out for them. With AI marketing at the helm, insurance companies, dental clinics, and a host of other firms offering services will be immensely benefited as they will no longer have to promote their offerings over every single platform. AI inputs will gauge the customer search patters and only display the relevant services to the individuals searching for the same. This holds true for every business, regardless of what they are selling.

Smarter and more Relevant Ads

The entire marketing landscape is readily shifting towards more intelligent advertisements, precisely offering more account-centric solutions. For example, a majority of providers offering Seniors Life Insurance Finder tools have started including more intelligent adverts into the mix for helping clients identify the most appropriate solutions. The adverts, unlike those a few years back, aren’t generic anymore. Instead, they are extremely targeted and different clients get to view different ads, based on their age patterns, demographics, search behavior, and other factors. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that this form of marketing comes forth with human-centric outcomes which look more organic in nature.

Better Content Delivery

The entire concept of data extraction and targeting specific sections of the society changes when paired with AI marketing tools and initiatives. AI, unlike other marketing forms, has the capability of identifying buyers and sellers besides segregating them from the requisite point of view. This makes it easier to deliver content in the best possible manner while keeping relevancy in regard. For example, AI marketing will be able to segregate between the patients and dentists besides showing different marketing content to each category of individuals.

Round the Clock Engagement

AI marketing has set the stage for the global adoption of chatbots which are way more intelligent in the existing marketing landscape. This feature plays a major role in amplifying customer retention and service quality besides improving the customer engagement levels, even during the odd hours. Moreover, with intelligent chatbots in play, it becomes easier for companies to minimize human intervention and even lower the associated expenses. AI empowered bots have the ability to store massive amount of relevant data, search histories and information which in turn are analyzed and processed for coming up with more relevant suggestions.

Continued Learning

AI has the ability to uncover the hidden insights pertaining to a customer which can then be fed back into the system for facilitating continued learning. Therefore, the marketing intelligence on offer is never static and changes depending on the evolving customer preferences. This, in turn, makes room for better conversions, improved decision making in real-time, and better waste eliminations.

Core Elements

AI marketing isn’t your regular marketing campaign that only thrives on content and social presence. Instead, it involves a host of key elements with each having a role to play in regard to better marketing.

  • Big Data

This is a straightforward element that empowers markets to aggregate data sets procured from diverse sources. Moreover, it is the inclusion of Big Data that facilitates segmentation of insights. This concept readily minimizes manual efforts and makes sure that the right content is delivered to the relevant individual.

  • Machine Learning

While Big Data has a specific role to play, even machine learning is a handy marketing tool that allows marketers to target the diversified data repository, in the best possible manner. Machine learning helps identify business trends, common occurrences, and even improves the predictability quotient pertaining to responses, reactions, and insights. This makes sure that marketers can take a proactive stand instead of waiting for a reactive marketing possibility.

  • AI Solutions

In addition to the mentioned core elements, there are certain powerful AI solutions that can further improve the quality of marketing on offer. These solutions are capable of sifting and reading through huge sets of data with ease besides identifying relevance, in regard to customer behavior. Moreover, these can also be deployed for interpreting emotions while communicating organically like humans. Last but not least, these AI solutions are exceptional in regard to pairing with email responses, natural language, and social media platforms.


Artificial Intelligence, in 2020 and beyond, is expected to form the crux of every initiative, let alone the marketing moves. However, the quality and outcome of the applications depend on the implementing initiatives and the available marketing solutions that are being used by the concerned firms. Moreover, the outcomes are expected to improve with time as companies are already focusing on using advanced algorithms for building a relevant and futuristic AI marketing premise, precisely for eliminate manual labor and time-related constraints.

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