AI Is The Unsung Trend In The Digital Marketing Revolution

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The world of digital marketing is always changing. New trends are emerging every day. There are various methodologies, and principles that are introduced to online marketing continuously. However, the application of artificial intelligence will cause a significant transformation in the digital marketing landscape.

Many digital marketers believe that AI will play an essential role in the future of this trade. It is definitely not a niche field. Gartner found that 30% of companies will use AI in one or more of their sales functions by next year. Let us talk about this topic and dig a bit further.

Artificial Intelligence & Digital Marketing

Modern computer systems are capable of creating software that can learn and adapt mostly by itself – artificial Intelligence. This process comprises of:

  • A cognitive process – Using guidelines to try and predict an outcome.
  • Statistic procurement – Relying on the instructions for using inputted information or data.
  • Self-correction – the ability to change approach if an outcome is inaccurate.

Basically, there are of two different types of AI:

  • Strong AI – It has the potential to deal with diverse tasks, adapting to various issues provided.
  • Narrow or Weak AI – It is intended for definite action with a limited number of simple pre-programmed tasks. Apple’s Siri is the perfect example of this kind of AI.

In the past years, digital marketers haven’t been confident in applying AI technology to their marketing tactics. However, now several successful companies (like Spotify and Amazon) have implemented AI into their marketing scheme. Amazon has applied AI to show relevant items to potential buyers, depending on their previous deals, views, and searches. It is proven to increase the rate of repeat customers and prompts customers to make a purchase quickly. As one of the parts of online marketing, AI has turned out to be a worthwhile investment.

Although AI technology can considerably improve your digital marketing efforts, you still need professional assistance and conventional digital marketing methods to succeed. This allows companies like PRable to flourish, providing quality content marketing services, SEO and marketing consultation, as typically AI solutions are built in-house, by larger companies.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Online Marketing

You know that AI has the capability of collecting data, analyzing it and applying it at the right time. This potential is highly valuable in the digital marketing world. Hence, to make data-oriented decisions, a growing number of marketers are relying on AI technology.

The benefits of AI are numerous. They don’t just make it easier for companies to reach new customers. They can also make it easier to automate existing customer engagement models. One study showed that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions with a company won’t involve a person. AI technology will handle customer service inquiries.

Collecting Data and Analyzing it

One of the common business tactics is Customer Relationship Management. By gathering information on customers, a business can take on customer-friendly initiatives. For example, by combining Big Data, AI and CRM, it is possible to increase the rate of customer data collected from various platforms. This allows you to identify the needs of customers and run marketing campaigns in accordance with data predictions to maximize success and return on investment.

Real-time Assistance to Customers

All customers desire the best service and fast responses. Nowadays, companies frequently employ AI chatbots for this sole reason. They can be used as a unique automated tool when creating the impression that a real human representative is speaking to the customers in real-time. AI is the best technology to offer this type of advantage.

These chatbots have the potential to respond to necessary customer queries while tracking and fulfilling orders at the same time. If you have created a company page on Facebook, you can find this chatbot feature available for no added cost. Businesses get a chance of providing a better standard of customer service without needing to employ actual humans. The bots remain active 24 hours and reduce chat waiting times to improve customer experience.

The use of Artificial Intelligence will keep on increasing in various other sectors. As a result, brand owners and marketers will have better insights into their customer’s needs and expectations.

Website Builders with AI-enabled Technology

In the field of online marketing, AI can help ease the way websites are designed, giving the ability to build a beautiful site to people with little to no tech knowledge. The best-known product in this category is Wix’s ADI (artificial design intelligence) which after asking the user some questions creates a site. It’s hardly the only option available, with many other projects like the Grid popping up on the market. It can create your website by analyzing your data and your interaction. However, you will still have to work on your content, whereas AI technology will deal with website pages, content blocks, and colors.

Better Standard Advertising with AI

To run a successful marketing program, one of the major prerequisites is to get in touch with the target audience. Businesses find it easier to deal with their online marketing campaigns by using AI technology. This technology can not only collect information but also predict the behavior of potential customers. With accurate data, you can create the best ads based on your target audience’s preference. If you pair this with market research, A/B testing, and focus groups, you will most likely be able to create an incredibly well-performing campaign.

AI is Making a Massive Impact on the Digital Marketing Profession

We can freely say that AI is an amazing technology to use when promoting your brand and business. You can make your marketing more effective by applying AI technology for data analysis, interacting with customers, and developing campaigns. This next step in automation is already flipping the digital marketing landscape upside down. That’s why you should definitely consider artificial intelligence technologies and take advantage of them where you can.

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