5 Reasons Data-Driven Startups Should Be Using React JS

There are plenty of great benefits of React JS for data-driven businesses that are growing in 2021.

react js for data-driven businesses
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Data-driven businesses are finding a number of great strategies that have proven to be remarkably effective. There are a number of tools that use big data to help them improve their business models.

A lightweight but powerful, data-driven tool for creating user interfaces, React JS is an open-source JavaScript library originally developed by an employee at Facebook. It has proved to be hugely popular thanks to its commitment to remaining user-friendly. It is the top choice for many companies of every size for the reasons below, among others, and should be the choice for your startup as well.

Easy to Learn

Many big data tools are a lot more complicated to learn. React JS, on the other hand, is a very straightforward application for companies that want to use big data for their customers.

You might expect something as powerful and flexible as React JS to also come with a steep learning curve, but one of its many strengths is that this is not the case. Built to be intuitive, React JS is a great product to learn how to build apps on and offers a stripped-down approach that prioritizes usability. When your company chooses React JS to build mobile apps or a website, you can be confident that developers will find it user-friendly and scalable to the needs of your company while your customers will appreciate the end product. It can be easy to use this tool to offer more data-driven solutions for customers.


Better SEO

As we said before, big data is important for SEO. React JS was developed with this in mind. The best website in the world won’t help you if nobody can find you, and these days, that means the ability to rank high in Google’s search engines. It uses data analytics to improve search engine optimization for your web properties.

This ranking can be affected by a variety of factors besides content, including how quickly your page loads. Faster rendering means a higher ranking, and React JS has the fastest of all, meaning that it can send your site sailing to the top of Google rankings and ensure that you are visible to the widest possible audience. If you hire outside developers who use React JS, you can feel confident that whatever they build for you will be seen by many.

Community Support

Community support means more places to turn to and more brains to pick if you run into a sticky problem or if there’s something you want to do and you aren’t quite sure how to do it. A robust community has grown up around React JS, and their enthusiasm for the product means a huge number of written tutorials, videos and more. Pop by any of the more popular forums or Q&A sites and you will find a wealth of eager developers answering others’ questions about React JS.

Wide Usage

This degree of community support suggests widespread use of React JS, and this is absolutely true. It’s not just random enthusiasts who are championing React JS and encouraging its use. React JS has been embraced by many Fortune 500 companies who find it invaluable in developing their mobile apps and websites. Among them are such stalwarts as NASA and the BBC as well as disruptive tech companies such as Lyft, Tesla and Airbnb. When you choose React for your startup, you can do so with confidence that you are in the very best company.



React’s commitment to usability means keeping it simple, and this in turn means that developers can make small changes without triggering a whole cascade of other issues that need to be addressed. It’s easy for developers to make simple changes, such as to buttons or to text fields, because of the component reusability feature. Developers won’t get bogged down in extra fixes every time they need to add or update something.


Versatility, ease of use and elements that encourage writing clean code are not found in every development framework, and this is what makes React so valuable. Its scalability means that no company is too big or small to benefit from its use, and it is the perfect tool for startups that are developing user interfaces.

Brandyn Morelli is the co-founder of Grapevine, an asynchronous video platform helping teams stay connected without scheduled meetings.