5 AI-Powered Plugins For Your Website

AI technology is vital to the future of online marketing and these plugins will help you harness it.

AI powered tools
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Slightly more than a decade ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was famously used in the manufacturing industry through robots. You could use these robots in warehouses to ease product handling. However, AI and related machine learning have extended to the online space. If you’ve been monitoring your eCommerce shop using human agents, you’ll likely get overwhelmed if your shop grows exponentially. In addition, there are other aspects of your customers that you may not be able to track without using appropriate plugins powered by AI technology.  

In that light, you need to assess your website, whether created through WordPress or other software, so you can install relevant plugins to aid in monitoring and managing your website. Plugins are critical because they offer you 24/7 support for your online processes.  

To give you more insight, here are examples of plugins that you may find beneficial for your website:

1.     Translation Plugin 

Nowadays, you can use most of the world’s languages online. As a result, you need not limit your customers’ experience to just one language. Therefore, to tackle this challenge, a translation plugin is the game-changing tool you need. But, you need a plugin that’s compatible with your website. For instance, if your website is created using WordPress, you require a WordPress translation plugin. However, go for plugins that offer tens of languages and high translation accuracy.  


When looking for a translation plugin for your website, there are essential features that you need to consider. You should consider critical specifications, such as content detection, outstanding customer support, a one-stop-shop translation interface, language customization, SEO optimization, auto-redirection, and in-context editor.

2.     Chatbots 

Having one human agent might be sufficient if your site receives few customers. However, when your business grows, you might require a robust option to handle hundreds of customers. To that effect, a chatbot comes in handy. Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. They employ complex programming algorithms that help them function like human beings. They can respond to your customers’ questions like your human agents.  

They’re usually trained through machine learning to learn patterns of human communication in specific settings for them to respond appropriately. For instance, installing a chatbot on your ecommerce website comes with many benefits. It can explain the payment process to your customers who are stranded. In addition, your bot can explain to your customers where to find specific products.

3.     AI Assistant 

An AI assistant is also called a virtual assistant or digital assistant. AI assistants are designed to understand voice commands of natural language. After that, the AI assistant is supposed to do the task the user commands. In a nutshell, you can install an AI assistant plugin to help your customers with purchase decisions or redirect them to specific pages on your website. Moreover, intelligent AI assistants can send discussions with customers to the admin via email.  


In addition, AI assistants can perform tasks traditionally done by personal assistants, such as taking dictation, placing phone calls, scheduling meetings, reading email or text messages aloud, searching for phone numbers, and reminding you about your upcoming appointments.  

Since AI assistants can work around the clock, they help improve productivity and investment returns.

4.     Speaker 

A speaker is another excellent tool you can use on your website. You can use this plugin to transform the content on your website into a human-like voice. However, for a better return on investment, go for speakers that support as many languages as possible. Speakers use a technology called speech synthesis markup language (SSML), which puts speech into every article on your site. A speaker can pause, read numbers, or intonate as humans do.

5.     Cookies 

If you’re wondering what a cookie is, worry no more. It’s a small text that can implant itself on the device of your website’s visitor. With a cookie, you can collect vital information to analyze how your website is functioning. In addition, a cookie can help you track your visitors’ activities, such as search patterns and purchasing patterns. 


Information regarding your customers’ behavior on your website can help you in your personalized marketing efforts. For instance, you can watch the products your customers like to purchase together. In that case, you can recommend similar products to your customers. 


Final Thoughts

Plugins are essential for increasing the functionality of your website. Therefore, to serve your online customers better, you may consider having specific plugins. In that case, installing plugins, like cookies, speakers, AI assistants, chatbots, and translation tools, might be the game-changing option you need to transform your customer experience.

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