3 Industries Adapting to Major AI Advances in 2020

AI and big data
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The market for AI is changing in spectacular ways. It is estimated that the market for artificial intelligence is going to be worth nearly $400 billion by the year 2025. Some industries are driving growth for AI in impressive ways.

This is having some major changes on our everyday lives, as well as the operations of many businesses. These days, it seems that human life is becoming more and more intertwined with Artificial Intelligence. From robotic lawnmowers to computer’s that play chess better than human grandmasters, times certainly are changing.

Some industries, however, appear to be benefiting more from these leaps forward than others. From exciting developments in online gaming to life-saving medical treatments, some areas of expertise are implementing AI with incredible effectiveness.

In this article, we will take a close look at 3 industries using AI in 2020, while trying to dive deep into the methods and reasons behind why these areas are so ahead of the pack in terms of tech.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 3 industries using AI in 2020…

Online Gaming Industry

Kevin Horridge has talked extensively about the role of AI in the online gaming industry. They pointed out that the industry is never going to be the same as AI is disrupting the business model.

Kevin Horridge writes that it is changing in great ways. It is leading to higher quality competitors for people using.

Many new online gaming businesses are implementing new Artificial Intelligence technology in a bid to provide ever more immersive forms of gaming.

Something that was enough to strike fear into the heart of even the most experienced of poker players was the news that the Libratus computer was able to win thousands of hands against human opposition. This was a big development for AI in online gaming because poker has long been believed to be a game in which the human element is essential for success.

Another major trend influencing the online gaming industry is the growing number of companies turning to AI with data collection. By using artificial intelligence to study how customers play, online gamines sites are able to offer a more enjoyable experience and, crucially, better bonuses to their members! In the past, this would have been done by humans painstakingly tracking the behaviour of their players. Yet, these days all of this and more can be performed by super-smart computers.

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Of course, one of the industries we might expect to see leading the way in AI research and implementation is the healthcare industry. The global market for big data in healthcare is estimated to be worth nearly $69 billion.

The rising demand for AI and big data in the healthcare sector is driven by the massive number of applications for it in these fields. These days, many high-level surgical procedures including heart and brain operations are carried out via the help of artificial intelligence. Medical News Today reports they are performing these operations better than humans. These robots work alongside professional surgeons and doctors in order to improve accuracy, lower the risk of infection, lower blood loss and pain, shorten hospital stays and quicken recovery times. This last point is particularly important because of the risk of infection post-operation; so, the sooner someone recovers from surgery, the sooner they can leave the hospital.

Another important way in which AI helps the medicine industry is through automatically updating records. This can prove a huge help to administrative workers who have traditionally had to update records manually.


Due to the fact that marketing is such a crucial area of the modern-day economy, billions and billions of dollars have been committed to improving the role of AI in this field. One of the most exciting ways that AI is aiding marketers is through data analytics which can help companies to get a better gauge of how consumers are behaving and therefore to provide them with the perfect product for their needs.

Overall, these three industries are using AI extremely well and look set to reap serious rewards in 2020. Without a doubt, this exciting technology will only develop and we will see even more innovation over the coming years.

AI is a Godsend to Many Businesses

The benefits of AI are clear to many businesses. The industries listed above have benefited a lot from AI, but there are other companies that utilize it as well. All business owners should consider investing in this remarkable new technology.