Eli Goldratt and Tom H. C. Anderson Discuss Sales Forecasting

May 24, 2010

Tom H. C. Anderson and Management Guru Eli Goldratt discuss retail sales forecasting

In Saturday’s post Eli Goldratt and I spoke broadly about economics and globalization and how that will effect marketing. Today I ask him a few question about his most recent project, investigating retail. Eli points out how bad marketing is at forecasting… (Post 5 of 5)

TA: Well, one final question. Your latest book, ‘Isn’t It Obvious’, I believe, will be very interesting for marketers and market researchers as it deals with retail. And I think that market researchers don’t consider the retail component enough, sometimes. We don’t do such a good job of forecasting demand, sales, considering segmentation, shopper basket analysis and so forth.

EG: What, what? Say it again? Not such a good job? I would say that you are doing a lousy job! For ..