How are Analytics related to Innovation?

May 3, 2010

This week, my co-author Joey and I will be speaking at innovation events.  Our speeches will explore the role that analytics play with innovation.

More specifically, we will attempt to start a conversation around the below items:

1) Where does innovation come from?
2) What context is required for effective innovation measurement?  (strategy,  culture, people?)
3) How can you best measure innovation?

The subject can be controversial.  We will argue that innovation is a process, rather than an event, and that an appropriate culture needs to be fostered in order to increase innovation across the entire organization.

Our research shows that innovative cultures rest on the proper incentives, of course, but that acceptance plays a big role.  By acceptance, I mean the constant search for feedback (rather than just the tolerance) and leadership’s commitment to empower all individuals to experiment, make mistakes quickly and cheaply and learn from them.  When this happens, incredible results can be gained: I recently  discussed these concepts at a conference in Canada (see my video-blog on this at  There