R 2.11.0 released

April 22, 2010

The latest version of R from the R Project, R 2.11.0, is now available in source code form. Binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux will appear in your local CRAN mirror in the next few days. Some new features include:

  • Support for rendering bitmap images in graphics devices, via a new function rasterImage()
  • The new function vapply is like apply, but checks for consistency of the return value
  • quantile() can be used on some time/date objects
  • Support for selecting a repository for BioConductor packages
  • download.file can now use curl in addition to wget
  • Improved accuracy of pchisq for values near 1
  • Various speedups and minor bug-fixes

This release also marks support of the 64-bit Windows platform by the R Project for the first time. With the assistance of members of the R Core Group. REvolution Computing pioneered support for R on 64-bit Windows: it’s major platform of our REvolution R Enterprise product and has been for almost 2 years. While R 2.11.0 is built using the free mingw compiler, REvolution R Enterprise is built using a commercial toolchain, and links to multi-threaded libraries for improved processing speed on multi-core .