Moving from the PC Era to the Mobile Era

April 21, 2010

201004171736.jpg Smart phones, mobile devices, tablets, slates…there’s no question that we’re flooded with an ever expanding number of options for connecting on the web. And beyond connecting the sheer number of things that can now be accomplished on these new devices is staggering. In the not so distant past you would only SMS, check email (& maybe respond if you had a Blackberry or Win mobile device), check a sports score or some other quick web task but beyond that it simply was too painful. Apple changed that almost three years ago with the introduction of the first iPhone with multitouch, a virtual keyboard and Apple and third party developed applications available on iTunes. The key reasons that the iPhone has created such a shift in mobile use, I believe is the vastly simplified and rich experience that multitouch and Apple’s user interface (UI) provide, the availability of so many useful apps and the vertically integrated approach (and yes I understand that there are a lot of arguments as to why this makes Apple the evil empire but that’s not the point of this post).

Now I’m at the end of week two of integrating the iPad into my workflow that was previously MacBook Pro and