On A Smarter Planet … Some Organizations Will Be Smarter-er Than Others

March 6, 2010

As planet Earth generates more data from more sensors and as this data comes together for better prediction … there will be plenty of winners and losers.

The losers will be those organizations still coping with information overload, unable to make heads or tails of what they know (Enterprise Amnesia).  They will miss the obvious.  Their costs will soar, their customer satisfaction will drop and confidence in their brand will erode.  You will get duplicate mailings from them.  They will try to sell you something you already bought from them weeks ago. 

The winners will be those organizations that make better decisions, faster How fast?  Fast enough to do something smart as the transaction is happening, not minutes, hours, or days later. 

The closer to real-time an organization can operate, the more competitive it will be (Enterprise Intelligence).  They will be more efficient in how they deliver their products or services, their customers will be happier, and they will be able to stop many more bad things (e.g., fraud) from happening before they happen.

Hence my