TEDx: Big Brains Meet Barcamps

March 6, 2010

Readers of this blog who may also know me “IRL” (in real life ) are aware that I’ve been a passionate and vigorous advocate of  the international “barcamp” movement – i.e., self-organized groups of professionals, students and others who meet (usually on weekends) on their own time and dime to brainstorm, share vital knowledge and frequently organize a specific course of collective action for the greater social good, making optimal use social tools and technologies.

Some of the folks I’m privileged to call friends and colleagues within the   open government, patient-centered healthcare and emergency preparedness communities have organized some of the most successful and visible of these initiatives, notably the civic hacking initiatives for Haitian and Chilean relief launched by Crisis Camp/Crisis Commons.

This weekend, however, will see the newest of the offshoot TEDx conferences, independently-organized regional conferences licensed by the original TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) events, notable for bringing the world’s most best  thinkers and doers together.

From the TEDxNYED website, which will focus specifically on education: 


Examining the role