BI 2010 – BI Competency Centers

February 24, 2010

Two presenters (Saroj from Standard Bank and Angela from Investec) discussed Business Intelligence Competency Centers to start day 2.

A BICC is a centralized team that captures knowledge, addresses technology, helps manage organizational change and defines common processes for BI across the organization. Repeatability is critical – not having to re-invent things for each new project.

When the BICC effort began Standard Bank found different areas of the retail business at different levels of competency – some were still at level 1 with little or no awareness of BI and others were at level 3 or 4 with BI becoming more strategic. A BICC was seen as a way to bring all areas up to a high level. Investec in contrast had a successful reporting tool project in one area that it wanted to replicate to others and saw a BICC as a way to do this.

Challenges that drove BICCs in the two companies included…