Targeting readers who hate my book

February 11, 2010

Here’s someone

named R. Hunt reviewing my book on Amazon.

This book was not only boring, I also didn’t learn anything at all. I really struggled to get through this book, and thought many times about just giving up. I wish I had just given up and stopped reading it after the first few pages.

If I were feeling masochistic, I could find lots of others who not only loathed The Numerati, but took the trouble to warn others about it. As a marketer, it would be worth gold to be able to target those people and discourage them from buying the book. It would save them the anguish associated with reading it, or trying to. More important, from a marketing perspective, it would reduce negative word of mouth.

Is this possible? I’ve followed some of the negative reviewers, to see what other books they love and hate. (Carl Zetie, for example, who found the book ‘annoying’, and ‘devoid of value’ to finish, gives five stars to the 25 Coolest Dead Superheroes of All Time.) Others who dislike the book tend to give high ratings to more technical books about data-mining and math. This points to one of the problems facing general-interest books about technical subjects