First Look – TRIAD 8.5 and Decision Graph

February 15, 2010

TRIAD 8.5 has just been released and is the latest version of FICO’s combined account manager and customer manager platform for financial services companies (its focus is on accounts/customers where credit risk is a critical issue). I got an update recently focused on Decision Graph. Decision Graph is  one of the new capabilities. Decision Graph  is a new strategy management and visualization tool – replacing or enhancing a decision-tree centric approach.

 Because strategies in Decision Graph can be represented as graphs, they allow the reuse of elements – sub trees – preventing the growth of strategies into large, unwieldy decision tree structures. The technology has 7 patents pending and was described by one of the inventors of CART (Professor Jerome H. Friedman) as the best strategy visualization tool he has ever seen. I blogged about the technology while it was an R&D capability and it has now been released commercially. The new capability has a number of key features:

  • Users can visualize a strategy as a Directed Acyclical Graph (de-duplicates sub-trees that are exact)