CES Showcases Content Anywhere. Here’s a Real-World Reality Check.

January 12, 2010

So, I’m writing this blog on the 12th of January, 2010. Who knows, really, what day you’re actually reading it. The 12th is a significant day, however, in that it is a day after January 10, 2010—the day CES wrapped for the year. CES has been the harbinger of new technologies and gadgets to come for years—and this year, like last year, proved to be one of the most exciting yet. E-Readers, mobile gadgets, the ever-watched tablet (from both Microsoft and Apple). All graced the floor at CES.


And, while I dutifully planned to blog about these devices and their implications to our business, it’s going to have to wait. I am just too angry at the moment. Here’s why—just when I thought we were making progress with actual IP ownership (see my previous blog post on the Disney Keychest initiative) through both independent studio efforts and collaborative initiatives from content owner consortiums to promote the cyber-locker concept, I’ve hit a personal, significant barrier. Thus, I’m angry.


Here’s why: I want my American version of The Office. It’s that simple. I bought it through the Amazon VOD service a couple of months ago for the premium price of $40-bucks—not anThe Office insignificant