Trends in Logo Design: Understanding the Evolutionary Nature of Logos and Web 2.0

The Influence of the Internet on Logo Development

There are logos that are iconic … logos that stand the test of time.  You might think that you have such a logo for your business. However, the reality is that you may be so personally intertwined with both your business and your logo that you cannot view matters as objectively as one would like.

You really do need to understand that the vast majority of companies and businesses recognize the need for
re-branding over time.  This includes logo redesign.  In fact, when all is said and done, logo re-design really is the foundation upon which an overall re-branding program is built.

The good news is that you don’t need a ton of money or a fancy education to create a great logo. You can use a free logo designing tool or work with experts from a discount site like Fiverr. You can also follow the tips below to learn to create a great logo on your own.

Through this article you are presented with an overview of trends in logo design, an overview of the
evolutionary nature of logos.  This discussion is had in light of the advancement of what had become known as Web 2.0 in common parlance amongst design and development experts.

The Influence of the Internet on Logo Development

As has been the case with many other aspects of marketing the Internet has had a profound influence on logo design and development.  If nothing else the Internet has expanded the universe of businesses that require attractive and effective logos in order to compete in the electronic marketplace of the 21st century.  With that noted, the reality actually is that the Internet has affected the design, development and application of logos in
numerous other ways as well.

The fact is that when it comes to logo design at this juncture in time, the most elementary focus is placed on
how will a particular logo play and translate on the Net. Understanding this essential factor, it is also important to note that web design and development is experiencing a period of transition towards what has been called Web 2.0.

The Impact of Web 2.0 on Logo Design

While Web 2.0 hasn’t yet turned web design and development on its head, it is resulting in a significant transformation in the way marketing is and will be undertaken on the Net from this point onward into the future.

The fact is that even the most experienced web design and development professionals are somewhat hard
pressed in generating a definition of Web 2.0 that all can agree upon. Web 2.0 represents at its essence a movement away from static pages of texts and graphics.  Rather, Web 2.0 really is a transformation of the
Internet into what many are calling a transport mechanism.

Social network sites are prime examples of this transformation of the Net.  It is at these sites that
interaction and the conveyance of information can be seen occurring at a rapid pace.

Into this transforming environment lands the Internet marketing and promotional protocols that will carry
us into the future.  For example, when it comes to marketing a business, rather than post a webpage with text and images, a marketing pro will work to engender a “buzz” about a product or service. The concept of something “going viral” (gaining internationally recognition on the Net in a very, very short amount of time) is a prime illustration.

Viewing the Net as a system for interaction and the transport of ideas (rather than a static posting of information) transforms the way marketing is approached on all levels. 

This includes logo design.

In light of the advent of Web 2.0, logos need to be developed and designed in such a fashion that they
actually can be utilized in an effective manner via the Internet as a method of informational transportation and exchange.  For the vast majority of business owners, being able to develop and design – and implement – this type of logo is not a task that they will be able to master adequately.  Therefore, and is discussed in a moment, the blossoming of Web 2.0 really requires a business owner to seek quality and experienced professional assistance for a logo design firm.

Professional Assistance to Master Logo Trends

In seeking professional assistance to aid you in obtaining a logo that reflects marketing trends and
developments – particularly the movement towards a Web 2.0 concept – it is crucial that you select an appropriate custom logo design company to assist you in this regard.

At the outset, you must understand that not every logo design firm has the experience and resources necessary to introduce your business to the marketing concepts (including logo design) associated with Web 2.0.  You need to make sure that you identify a logo design and development company that already has
established a meaningful track record in assisting businesses like your own in crafting and creating a logo that will be appropriate in the marketing scheme that is being derived through Web 2.0.


When all is said and done, when it comes to ensuring that your business garners a strong presence on the
Net – and maintains that position – it is vital that your logo be developed and designed in a manner that recognizes and takes advantage of these trends. Towards this end, you really do need to consider
seriously whether you really can accomplish such a goal on your own. You need to understand how beneficial obtaining the expertise of a qualified logo design firm can be in assisting you when it comes to Web 2.0 design and development issues and objectives.