The Easiest Way to Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True

Mobile business intelligence is no longer recognized as a nice-to-have feature since it has become paramount to a company’s productivity. With this system, there is no need to restrict your business to four walls. These applications enable employees to make informed business decisions on-the-go and thereby improve the company’s bottom line. Listed below are some mobile BI applications for the iPhone that every entrepreneur needs.


This app is an open-source BI platform that is used across numerous devices. The app includes an ad hoc design environment which enables users to create reports and dashboards on-the-go. The server-side authentication of Jaspersoft can be used for security management.  It offers a range of choices for the end user. This way, your company can choose an option that suits your demands the best.


The Mobi Office app has an excellent viewing capacity and thereby enables the user to view SharePoint reports and charts through the phone. This app also allows you to download and view reports from a number of reporting servers. Moreover, it offers bookmark and history features for quick and simple mobile browser navigation. This increased functionality makes your iPhone price totally worth it.


This app has the capability to deliver dashboards and provide interactive scorecards through the use of mobile BI. However, the best feature of this app is its ability to present visualized information on a TV or LED display by combining efforts with the app Airplay. Although other manufacturers like the Samsung and HTC price are cheaper, the iPhone gets the upper-hand amongst entrepreneurs since it provides more business opportunities through its mobile BI applications.


As a product of Roambi Analytics, this mobile BI application enables users to integrate with a range of systems including Microsoft Excel and SAP. The most appealing and productive feature of Roambi is its amazing graphics. They are rich, colorful and crisp. This will make your presentations more visually appealing. On a further note, the app includes faster and more interactive charts.


This is the ideal app for any small business company. It offers you a range of analytics tools. The main attraction of this application is the business dashboards. They are not only easy to set up, but they also enable you to connect with various sites through ready-to-use widgets. This includes social media platforms such as Twitter and marketing and sales data sources such as Google Analytics and Salesforce.


The personalized dashboards of this app enable you to customize the BI tools according to your needs and requirements. Since it is a client-based business intelligence application, you get the opportunity to create your own reports and dashboards. These can be published and accessed from any kind of device or platform. In addition, Yellowfin allows both on and offline accessibility to reports and charts. This enables you to stay connected to your business on-the-go.

These mobile BI applications enable you to facilitate real-time sales, profit and customer data in dashboards that can be accessed through your iPhone at anytime from anywhere.