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crisis data

Big Data: A Natural Solution for Disaster Relief

February 20, 2013 by kathryn kelly

Last Friday, a 10,000-ton meteor sped into northern Russia at 40,000 miles per hour. The resulting shock wave hurt an estimated 1,000 people. With big data as common in science as it is everywhere else, could we have used better tools to see this coming?[read more]

Big Data and Crowdsourcing in Humanitarian Crisis Mapping

December 17, 2012 by Lillian Pierson

During Hurricane Sandy, 20 million tweets were posted about the disaster in a 5 day period. During the 2011 9.0 earthquake in Japan, approximately 18 million tweets per day were posted about the disaster. The volume, velocity, and variety of this type of data stream are staggering, but the data must be analyzed in order to gleam insights about what and where crises are occurring.[read more]