Why You Should Enhance Your Email Campaigns With AI

Artificial intelligence is slowly working its way into everything. One of the newest iterations is AI-driven email marketing. Many companies are already using this and you may not have noticed. That’s because these programs are undetectable unless you know what to look for and they are highly relevant to your interests. Using AI allows you to better segment your market and it can help signal when someone is prepared to sign.

Business Trends in Using AI

AI is wonderful because it’s the next step in information usage. In the past, you would collect data on your customers and then attempt to make campaigns based on that. The problem is that humans aren’t always the best at using data. AI takes that data and perfectly targets your customers.

This can be used to segment your audience and ensure that each person is individually targeted based on their interests and buying habits. This can also be used to craft the most compelling headlines, send emails at the best times based on opening habits and determine when someone is ready to buy with just one more push.

Successful Email Campaigns

Have you ever noticed how emails from Netflix, Asics or Zillow seem so perfect? Not only do they look natural like they were crafted by a real person, but they bring up shows and products that you are probably interested in. That’s because their emails are made by AI.

There is very little human intervention here. A person will write some copy and make some of the design, but the AI will decide which products to show you. This means that every Netflix subscriber will get a similar email, but none of them will be the same. Each email is specifically targeted towards the individual.

What is Email AI?

Email AI is a very broad term that can accomplish numerous tasks based on the program and how much data you have collected. In general, though, this is software that is capable of enhancing your email marketing based on a perfect reflection of the data humans are adding to the system.

For example, the Netflix emails are based entirely on the shows people are watching. These emails will alert people when new episodes of their favorite shows are out or when similar shows or movies are being released. That’s just one thing AI can do.

AI can analyze thousands to millions of email communications and determine the best approach for each person. It can analyze when people open emails so that each email is sent at the perfect time. It can also determine when someone is close to buying if they are pushed a little farther, perhaps with another email or a coupon. This program can even generate headlines that resonate for each reader.

It’s a program that uses machine learning and is constantly updating based on human input. Unlike other programs that require all the input from the business, AI responds directly to the customer. It updates based on what people are doing and what they respond to. There’s no other way to be so individually-driven and precise without using AI.

How AI Enhances Email Campaigns

AI uses predictive mechanics and adaptive language to target each person. Unlike conventional email marketing where you attempt to target as many people as possible, AI is capable of being tailored towards each customer. It pays attention to what each person wants, how they buy, the words they like, when and how they open emails and so many other metrics.

AI doesn’t replace human creativity. It relies on input from both the customer and the business. Businesses still have to design and write, but AI can use adaptive learning to use previous headlines and brand-oriented language to craft new headlines for customers. While AI can do some of the work, it’s there to enhance your emails and to make each communication perfect for the individual customer. You can think of it as a middleman that takes your intended message, adds the individual’s needs to it and then delivers the perfect email to your customer.


AI marketing is quickly sweeping the business world because it does so much to enhance your emails and communications. If you want each email to be perfect, then it’s time to consider email AI.

Sean Parker is an entrepreneur and content marketer with over 5 years of experience in SEO, Creative Writing and Digital Marketing with Rank Media. He has worked with several clients from all over the globe to offer his services in various domains with a proven track record of success.