Teaching Big Data Analytics During Lockdown

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Life during lockdown has been difficult for everyone, but teachers and students have been significantly affected. Those teaching others about big data analytics, whether in schools or seminars, have been forced to rethink how they manage lessons. 

With everything going online, teaching big data analytics during lockdown means making the most of digital learning solutions. However, it’s equally important for teachers to consider the bigger picture. The following five points incorporate both:

Reassess the lesson plan

Most instructors with pre-pandemic lesson plans have been forced to make changes. It’s the unfortunate result of everyday life getting put on hold. But so long as the institutions they work for continue to offer these courses and seminars, teachers have a responsibility to carry on with their lessons.

However, it might have been time to overhaul your lesson plan anyway. Lockdown has presented big data analytics instructors an opportunity to upgrade their approach to better-serve digitally literate students.

Utilize new learning platforms

Online learning has been around for a long time, meaning there are plenty of digital learning tools available. These include video classes, interactive video, gaming, and virtual reality. However, none are optimized to serve instructors and students during a lockdown.

The sudden expansion of online education has resulted in greater diversity among educators using digital learning solutions. Many of these newcomers, including those teaching big data analytics, are unhappy with the limitations of most online learning platforms.

The solution – for many – is to explore new digital learning solutions. For example, a growing number of big data instructors are turning to Curikki.org during the lockdowns. The website is home to an open-source all-in-one option for teachers determined to make their online classes more interactive and exciting for students.

Seek feedback

Student feedback is always useful for teachers, but it takes on greater significance when instructors deploy new lesson plans. Those teaching big data analytics during lockdown will want to seek feedback as much as possible. Doing so will help them to make significant improvements to their classes and seminars from things like their English pronunciation over zoom to how clear their written instructions are to students who need to miss video calls but still stay on track. 

Think about the future

Life will eventually return to normal. With that said, many of the digital learning solutions used during the pandemic are here to stay. Rather than revert to how your courses were taught before the fight against COVID-19, consider keeping the new system going forward and build off of that.

View it as an opportunity

As mentioned earlier, the rapid changes forced upon instructors during the lockdowns are a blessing in disguise. They’ve given teachers a chance to overhaul their existing lesson plans and learn how to utilize new means of teaching. For those tasked with teaching others about big data analytics, these digital tools are a means to better convey the nuances of the subject matter.

The ongoing pandemic and resulting lockdowns have left an impact on the lives of everyone. However, students and teachers have been forced to adapt and adjust more than others.

For those leading classes and seminars covering big data analytics, it’s been a time of development and discovery. Chances are they’ll come out the other side with better-optimized lessons and greater utilization of the latest in digital learning technology.

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