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BI Continues to Offer Major Benefits to Health Care

The field of health care is one where the collection of big…

Roman Vladimirov Roman Vladimirov 3 Min Read

Using Cell Phone Data for Social Good

When is cell phone data not just cell phone data?

Brett Stupakevich Brett Stupakevich 3 Min Read

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

I am attending the Computerworld Business Intelligence and Analytics Perspective conference and…

JamesTaylor JamesTaylor 4 Min Read

IBM’s Watson: Becoming a Doctor with Data Analytics

The supercomputer that beat human Jeopardy champions earlier this year is now…

Brett Stupakevich Brett Stupakevich 4 Min Read

Remote Monitoring of the Heart

Remote Monitoring of the Heart A new wireless sensor patch from Corventis…

JackMason JackMason 1 Min Read

10th Annual ECCMA Conference (ISO 8000 Data Quality Conference)

ECCMA is excited to announce this years ISO 8000 International Data Quality…

Editor SDC Editor SDC 5 Min Read

ISO TC 184/SC 4 Conference in Canada

The developers of ISO Standard for Industrial Data and Data Quality are…

Editor SDC Editor SDC 2 Min Read